They Must Never Know

Jasmine is turning sixteen and is throwing a huge party. The night her life changes, and the age she want to hold onto.


2. The Call

The next morning i woke up had all of the decorations for my party that Amber helped me make scatered all around my bed. Someone was calling me. I didn't recognize it but i answer because sometimes Amber uses other phones, like her boyfriend's.

"Good morning Jasmine" the voice said, that familiar voice. Jack! "Meet me at the park in an hour, okay?"

I couldn't say much but the words just came out." Okay Sweetie". What the hell? WHY? He hung up before i could take it back. I got dressed in cute shorts and a plain gray t-shirt. I brushed my long, brown, wavy hair and put on converse shoes. I hopped into my new mustang. It was so different not seeing my parents' car there. They had gone across the country for a close friends' funeral, but i didn't know him so i stayed home. I drove to the park and he was waiting at the picnic table. i slid my phone in my back pocket and got out.

"I figured you wouldn't show up" he said chuckling. I shrugged. "You really don't talk much".

"I do, I just don't know where to start. Let's see... my favorite color is blue. I like video games. I like animals. I like to skateboard and rollerskate. That's about it."

He smiled, it was beautiful. "Well i love video games, and skateboarding, and rollerskating, and some animals. My favorite color is also a blue, but a soft blue like the ocean." At this point we were walking and i was actually having a good time. We started off with the basics and talked about our friends and families and we got to know each other really well.

We sat in the grass, but nobody was there. Only us. He looked at me. I was mezmorized. He began to lean towards me and i didn't stop him. He kissed me with gentle lips. But after that we just sat until about 2. We got up and i got into his car. He held my hand and we went to eat. After that he took me to the park to get my car. "So you wanna come over for a bit?" i asked. He smiled, and i knew it was a yes.

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