They Must Never Know

Jasmine is turning sixteen and is throwing a huge party. The night her life changes, and the age she want to hold onto.


1. Planing

"Jasmine, hurry up!" my friend called from downstairs. I was getting ready to go to the mall to pick out a dress for my sweet sixteen! I was so excited. I slipped into black skinny jeans and put on a white dress shirt and threw on some light make up and silver hoops. I rushed downstairs with my purse, and put on my silver heels and we hopped into her car and took off. I could hardly wait to see my selection.

When we got there i saw the one i wanted right away. i rushed over and grabbed it. i heard someone behind me, who wasn't my friend, Amber. It was a deep voice, but not too deep, like an average guy my age. He said, "that will look great on you." 

I spun around and saw a guy with blue diamond eyes and silky, short, black hair. He was gorgeous. I wanted to faint. I could only manage to nod my head and walk to the dressing room. I put the dress on and it was perfect. It hugged my body and was short to show off my legs. It was a blue up top and it faded into black, and it was a strapless. It even looked perfect with my shoes. I stepped out to find that guy, rather than Amber. "See, i told you it would look great on you" he said smirking. I made a just-go-away face, but i honestly didnt want him to. He stepped away as Amber came my way and she smiled. I knew she saw him.

"Shut up." i said. She looked at the dress and smiled even bigger, and i knew it was the one. I took it off and got dressed and went to the counter to pay for it. He was there. He worked there. I paid for it without saying a word and before i could step away he said, "It's Jack by the way."

"Jasmine" i replied, and i handed him my number.

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