They Must Never Know

Jasmine is turning sixteen and is throwing a huge party. The night her life changes, and the age she want to hold onto.


3. Home

I went inside and he was right behind me.He grabed me in a hug and kissed my cheek. I giggled and took him to my room. He helped me clean and as we sat on my bed he stared at me and leaned in. I moved back and stood up. He turned away to look at the floor. "im sorry" he said 

"No, it's okay, i... just..." i paused and he looked up at me. "can't" i finished. He nodded in understanding. I got out a book with my plans on it and went through the check list. I had my dress and the decorations. I sent out invitations, i just needed money to afford the venue. He hugged me seeing what was left. He took out his wallet and handed me the money. "I can't take this" i said, looking at him defiantly. He only smiled and closed my hand around the money. A tear came to my eye in appreciation and he held my face with one hand and wiped away the tear. I couldn't take it any more. I quickly shoved my lips against his and he held me tight in his arms. We must have kissed for about five minutes. He looked at my with his pleading eyes. Before i knew it he was kissing my neck and tingling sensations came over me. He grabbed the belt loops on my pants and pulled me closer. i stratled him and i took off my shirt. A sly grin came across his face, which was only an inch away from my breasts. I arched my back and leaned my face forward as i held his face. He rolled onto his back and he passionately looked at me. His hands ran slowly up my sides and he stopped at my bra. He frowned. "What?"i asked while kissing his neck.

He pushed me away. "What is that noise?" I stopped. A car! Oh no! My parents! They must have come home early. The car door shut. What was i to do? i reached over and threw on my shirt, still stratling his upper body. He was breathing hard. I guess he was nervous. He was frozen. 

"Hurry, get up!" I said getting off of him. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into my closet. "Stay there until i figure something out" i whispered. He sat and didn't move. My parent were opening the door just as i sat on my bed and picked up my notebook. 

"Hi honey. How was your shopping?" my mom chirped. I looked at her and gave a huge smile.

"It was great!" i said. I began to ramble on about the mall, excluding Jack. My father interupted me, saying they had things to do and just wanted to know if i needed anything from the store. Everytime a ramble, thay's what happens, so that's why i did it.

Thecar left and i opened my closet and took off my shirt and shorts, almost forgetting Jack was there. " That's just great" he said standing up. It caught me off guard. 

"i'm getting dressed" I frowned"so get out or look away." I demanded. He covered his eyes and i stripped down, turning the opposite way.

Jack's POV:

I opened my eyes to the wnderful sight of her ass. I quietly stood up and admired her from what I could see. I hugged her before she could turn around. I clasped her hips tightly and she gasped and tried to step away. I kept my eyes closed. "It's okay" she whispered.

"its okay" i repeated. She turned around and put her arms around my neck. But ikept my eyes closed. I only ventured her sides with my hands. Her skin was soft and felt amazing to touch.

Jasmine's POV:

When he hugged me i felt so safe. And he kept his eyes closed. It was peaceful. He was considered a gentleman in my book. But we soon broke apart and I dressed. We left in my car. I was glad he planned ahead. He had parked his car up the street. Otherwise my parents would know, and i would be dead. 

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