Something About Styles ❤️

I'm Sydney.
Harry and I were best mates.
now he's the popular,
and I'm the nerd he left behind.
I liked him a lot. like, like like...
but he won't care now.
Not about a bookworm like me.


4. Chapter 4

- Sydney's POV -

It's finally Friday! I love Fridays. :)

I got dressed, as usual. I headed to school, and met Sydney.

But I'm still processing what happened next.

Kendall Jenner.

And Harry.

Making out.

No no no this isn't happening...

But it is...


I ran.

As far as I could.

Away from Kendall.



I can't believe her.


Kendall is driving me nuts.

When Harry and his friends came to bully Sydney and I, guess who tagged along?

Yep, Kendall.

And guess who was the meanest to me?

Yep again, Kendall.

"Wait." Sydney spoke up.

Everyone seemed confused.

"Leave Sydney out of this." she said, and motioned for me to go.

I stayed put.

"Sydney, go. Really." she said.

"No! I'm not leaving my best friend."

"Aww, how sweet." Kendall said, sarcastically.


*Sydney's POV*

The last thing I remember was Niall mouthing something like, 'I'm so sorry', being slammed against a locker, and everything going black.

Oh, and some screams... probably from Sydney.

My eyes slowly flutter open and I'm staring up at the ceiling.

I layed there for a minute trying to readjust to the light, when I heard someone talking, presumably on a cell phone.

"I don't care Harry! You knocked her out! What's wrong with you? She may not fit your 'standard' but that doesn't mean you have the right to slam her into a locker! Have you gone mad?"


I sat up.


Niall smiled. "I-I gotta go, bye." he said, and hung up the phone.

"Sydney, are you okay...? I was so worried!" he said, hugging me tightly, but not too tightly.

Niall is so sweet..,

Ugh! Snap out of it! Remember what Louis said about staying away from Niall.

"Um... I- I don't think you should be here... Not saying I don't want you here, I do, but Louis maybe kinda sorta saidIshouldn'tgonearyou." I said the last part super fast.

"But who cares what they think?" Niall said. "All they are is attention seeking jerks. Well, if you know them they're sorta nice. But they're pushy sometimes, with a super inflated ego." Niall said.

"B-but... you were one of them for 2 years..." I said.

"I know. And they still expect me to be. Just know I'd never hurt you on purpose." Niall said, sitting next to me.

I nod.


- Sydney's POV -

Harry and Kendall are a "thing".


Now I have no chance with Harry.

And for once he was being almost nice to me! He hadn't bullied us for almost a week until Kendall came around.

And now I have no chance of him ever asking me out.

And of course, the school dance is coming up. Great. He's gonna ask Kendall and they'll be cutest couple. Great.

I just wish he was more genuine. He seems so fake with his emotion, even towards Kendall.


It's lunch, and I'm sitting with Sydney again!

I forgot my lunch, so I went to my locker to get it. On the way there, I found a panicked-looking Niall pacing the halls...

"Um... Niall?" I said, interrupting his pacing.

"Sydney! I need help." He said, coming over to me.

"Okay... with what?"

"With... with Sydney."

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