Something About Styles ❤️

I'm Sydney.
Harry and I were best mates.
now he's the popular,
and I'm the nerd he left behind.
I liked him a lot. like, like like...
but he won't care now.
Not about a bookworm like me.


3. Chapter 3

- Authors Note -

Hey! Hope you guys are enjoying this :)

anyway, since there's 2 Sydneys, the Sydney Niall talked to is gonna have a * by her POV.

(ex: *Sydney's POV*)

thanks! now enjoy the next chapter :)


- Sydney's POV -

"Okay. What was that?!" I said smiling at Sydney.

"It was nothing!" Sydney said, blushing.

"You like Niall don't you." I say, crossing my arms.

"Do not!" She says, blushing even more.

She starts to go to her locker to get ready to go home.

"Oh no you don't." I say, grabbing her arm.

"No! Let me goooo!" She says sarcastically, pulling me down the hall.


*Sydney's POV*

"You like Niall, don't you."

"Do not!" I insist.

Yes I do. A lot.


"Hey Sydney? What was on that paper Niall gave you?" Sydney asks.

"Oh, um.. hold on." I reply.

I pull the paper out of my backpack and it reads:

"Sydney, Call me? 691-7190"

He wants me to call him! EEK!

I read it to Sydney and she thought it was adorable.

"AWWWWWW! I SHIP YOU TWO! THAT WOULD BE ADORABLE!" she practically screamed.


- Sydney's POV -

I really hate Kendall.

"Who's Kendall?" you ask?


Let me tell you,

she is as evil and manipulative as a snake.

As usual, Harry and his friends came and bullied Sydney and I.

But this time, there was a girl.

And not just a girl.

the girl.

She's head cheerleader and now she's also Harry's girlfriend.

How fun. :(


*Sydney's POV*


So I called Niall last night, and we talked for hours!

I still haven't told him I like him though.

I'll give it a little time.

But I think he likes me! :)


"OHMYGOSH! In biology today, Niall sat next to me! And get this-HE HELD MY HAND ON THE WAY OUT!I feel so jittery when I'm around him, and I'm such a..." I started to tell Sydney.

"Dork?" someone finished my sentence.


"Listen, you may think you're cool, but you aren't. So stay away from Niall or you'll wish you were dead. Understand?" he threatened.

I nodded quickly, and slid back a little.


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