The prequel to my other book "A Machine for Pigs". Four great men rise to power in the early 14th century on the hard work of slave power, deep in the South Carolina wilderness there is a famous pig processing factory ran by the great Lord Temesh, Alexander Scarlet, Sir Thomas William, and Count Adrien Alar. A great era is arising, along with a great descent from glory


4. William?

      William came out of the blue, a loyalist from the king in the province of New England, he was good with money but he never spoke as much as the others and took orders. They found him on the trail to Warwick being held up by a couple of renegades when Scarlet ordered the horse's to run over the two renegades and had Temish pick up William. The two men knew who he was, For god shakes who didn't he was the kings money holder and flat-line bitch. They offered him the job of running the money  management for their soon to be factory. William grateful enough said he would do it on one condition that they leave as soon as they could. The three men soon were on there way to Newport, England to make sail to America to open their pig factory. Along the way they saw several colored men being forced to walk towards a wagon for mediate transportation to the king himself, it was then they realized that's how they would make even more money in america. So off they went onto the ship to reach the new land when on the ship they met a aristocrat by the name of Alar who bared the title of a Count, the men saw him as a great win if they could convince him to invest into their factory. They got lucky he was in a good mood when they talked to him because he had a sailor thrown overboard for spilling water, but after being told he was investing in the first factory in america he couldn't turn it down so he started to invest huge amounts of gold into them in hopes to become even richer.

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