The prequel to my other book "A Machine for Pigs". Four great men rise to power in the early 14th century on the hard work of slave power, deep in the South Carolina wilderness there is a famous pig processing factory ran by the great Lord Temesh, Alexander Scarlet, Sir Thomas William, and Count Adrien Alar. A great era is arising, along with a great descent from glory


2. The fall of Alar

       Count Alar was having one of his great alcoholic parties at the factory and had all the slaves working to serve them in everything. Then one slave bumped into Alar and spilled wine on Alar's jacket causing the drunk Alar to go into fury beating the poor slave to a pulp in front of about a hundred party people. Lord Temish and Scarlet tried to stop Alar but he was like a unstoppable force. He pushed them all out of the way as the floor became covered in the most beautiful color of red anyone could of ever seen. The slave lie dead all red and busted open, Alar just stood there and ordered three slaves to dispose of the mess and if any refused they would be beat to the point they would wish they have suffered the same fate. With no hesitation they disposed of the poor soul with swiftness and the party resumed as no slave had ever died right in front of them. The party continued as the poor soul was carried from his murder place to the backwoods and was berried in a shallow grave, Temish and Scarlet just stare dumbfounded at Alar's reaction to the situation he was having fun not even worrying what he just did, he was an animal no care in him he could just commit murder and laugh about it. Temish had the slaves that carried out Alar's orders free'd and sent north to live new life's but Temish and the slaves would never forget the night because the slave Alar had killed belonged to a family of slaves which  they owned. Scarlet retired to his quarters way before the party was over, Alar passed out during the final hour of the party, Temish helped the slaves clean up the mess and then retired to his quarter and stayed up till sunrise thinking what would be done about Alar.

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