The prequel to my other book "A Machine for Pigs". Four great men rise to power in the early 14th century on the hard work of slave power, deep in the South Carolina wilderness there is a famous pig processing factory ran by the great Lord Temesh, Alexander Scarlet, Sir Thomas William, and Count Adrien Alar. A great era is arising, along with a great descent from glory


6. The Death of a Forgotten Soul Not worth saving

                As Alar was escorted out of Temish's office he continued his racial shouts all the way down the hallway to his quarters were he waited till the men left, he sneaked out with only one object in his possession on his being a note, But not just any note a note of Rebellion against Temish,Scarlet and William he creep down the stairs through the kitchen when he encountered a slave Alar then assaulted him with a knife as the slave ran through the kitchen and out toward the slave quarters where about 50 slaves where waiting. As the two entered all fifty slaves grabbed Alar and carried him towards the work room all shouting traitor rants and revenge shouts all angered towards Alar, Alar being powerless yelled for Temish,Scarlet and William but no response was heard only the slave rants as they progressed toward the factory work zone. When they got there the slaves held Alar towards the over look where Temish, Scarlet and William stand looking down at them. Temish called for the slave Alar ran into in the kitchen, the slave approached Temish and handed him the note Temish read the note and said " Alar you cowardice motherfucking traitor, we allowed you in with us and you wish to kill us off and assume our factory as your own? Gentleman take mr. Alar and toss him into the Pig Skinner and processor." The slaves picked him up and tossed him into it  shouting in joy and thanking Temish, Scarlet, and William for the opportunity for revenge on a monster. All that was seen was a massive wave of Blood particles all over the wall and floor and the sound of Temish's cold evil laughter as Alar became a part of the factory forever.  

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