The prequel to my other book "A Machine for Pigs". Four great men rise to power in the early 14th century on the hard work of slave power, deep in the South Carolina wilderness there is a famous pig processing factory ran by the great Lord Temesh, Alexander Scarlet, Sir Thomas William, and Count Adrien Alar. A great era is arising, along with a great descent from glory


7. The beginning of the end

       With Alar dead and the slaves happy at work a short break of smallpox broke out in the factory and moved into the pigs all the slaves and masters weren't affected by this outbreak and didn't see any symptoms of the swine flu or black plaque. But this didn't mean that there was no effect of this, for now they were safe and worry free do to Alar's unfortunate accident. Two days later though things started to break down and become wasteful. Little to no production and very little work effort was put forward towards the killing of pigs and the production of  pork and pork products.  this however lead to a drop in the factories money and profit, so Temish had to the slaves work, he set a example he walked over the overhead and took a single shot at one of the slaves that wasn't working.  The single shot scared the rest of the workers so much they all stood in a straight line focused on were the shot came from.  Over head stood Temish in a smug pose with the gun still smoking held in his right hand.

       He ordered the slaves back to work or the consequences of them not working would be more painful then the beating the rest would get. In a instance the slaves hurried back to work and the factory was back to full production, every slave was working and they all feared for their life, since the man who shot the slave was the same man who helped them over throw the tyrant they so once feared.  Temish walked off after a couple of minuets watching the workers work and went into his office. Temish wasn't acting himself for the next couple of days acting as if someone was watching him and or following him, he claimed he heard voices yelling at him that he wasn't strong enough to take on the hoard of millions.  He would retire early to his quarters and stay in till late never to be woken unless a absolute emergency. 

       The slaves started a rumor that Lord Temish had come down with a case of swine flu but he wasn't sick he was insane, the pigs made him insane and were cursing his name so that he may fall ill and loose all control. But this wasn't the only rumor they started they claimed a god cursed him and the entire factory so that all would die soon enough. They knew something was wrong but they didn't know that not even a year into work they all would die a terrible death worse then anything god could create.

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