The prequel to my other book "A Machine for Pigs". Four great men rise to power in the early 14th century on the hard work of slave power, deep in the South Carolina wilderness there is a famous pig processing factory ran by the great Lord Temesh, Alexander Scarlet, Sir Thomas William, and Count Adrien Alar. A great era is arising, along with a great descent from glory


1. hungry

         These days of the old world are full of evil and corruption but not all is so bleak four of the 13 colonies great men decided to spark a revolution by making the first pig processing factory deep in South Carolina. Lord Temish was happily married with no children for his wife Lady Rose Temish was left with the in ability to bear children. Scarlet, William,and Alar were not married but Count Alar had a great love affair with two of the slaves in the factory. These men settled with more then 10,000 acres of land to settle with, so as soon as they all got there they started the construction of the "Great Machine" or so they called it for no one outside of the building knew the name of the factory beside's the old Temish Factory. These men soon built a entire workforce of 5,000 slaves in order to run the machine at full capacity. Soon these men became the most richest in the colonies making millions upon millions just for cutting pigs. The entire slave workforce for the factory was at full and everyone was working, even the boss's. The slaves were at first well treated on days that Alar wasn't drunk and on the floor "the fool didn't mean to harm him but he was too drunk to do anything else".   


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