Endless love

Brooke an 18 year old girl, she's very poor she lives in a small, dirty and cramped apartment she has to work at Jupiter's casino to pay for the apartment she's living in. Justin on the other hand is a millionaire, he does singing for his career, he also has maids waiting on him hand and foot.
What happens when they collide?
Read to find out!!!


3. 3: Shopping Spree, actually, not really

Brooke's POV:

I still can't believe that Justin, a complete stranger asked me out for dinner tonight. So I'm going to the shopping centre with my friend, Emma. I would take Tyler but he's not really into fashion, I'm getting ready to go to the shops, I got up at 6:30am I walked over to the bathroom and had a quick shower, when I got out of the shower I wrapped the towel around my body and one around my hair, I walked over to my tiny closet and once again see 7 shirts, shorts and shoes and 2 dresses. I picked out the outfit that had a flowing, white summer dress and light brown sandals, I straightened my hair and let it flow down my back. I texted Emma.

*texts* {E=Emma}       {B=Brooke}

B=hey I'm ready

E=me too ill be there in 5

B=kk c ya soon

5 minutes later I heard a hook outside my tiny apartment I looked out the window to see Emma outside. Emma has blonde hair with chocolate brown eyes, when we were at school Emma was a nerd but when we were at home hanging out she would be so gorgeous, I never knew why she hid her real style, and now that were out of school she dresses like she always did at home. I walked downstairs and saw Emma, I smiled at her she walked over to me and gave me a hug. We hopped in the car and Emma started to drive.

Emma: hi girl haven't seen you in ages


Becca: I now right


Emma: so why are we going out to shop


Becca: because I have $500


Emma: and how did you get that sort of money?


Becca: umm a guy gave it to me


Emma: ohh what sort of guy


Becca: just Justin bieber


Emma: what! Your joking right


Becca: why would I be joking about that


Emma: ok your right about that but how does the money come onto this?


Becca: well I told him that I was poor and he gave me $500


Emma: oh my gosh he must really like you


Becca: apparently

We got to the store we turned the corner to see a bunch of girls screaming and crying. they ran towards the person, and swarmed around someone that we couldn't see, until I saw him. Justin Bieber and then he saw me I couldn't believe it he smiled at me and started to walk over to Emma and I. I was getting so nervous and top it off Emma said:


Emma: Well, I'm going to go


I was so mad at her she smiled at me cheekily.


Justin: Hey Rebecca what are you doing here


Emma: umm I'm just spending the $500 that you loaned me


Justin: oh right


Just then the crowd of girls that were crowding Justin came over and crowded around us, this was very nerve-racking for me because I'm claustrophobic and I was starting to get dizzy.


Emma: Justin, I'm claustrophobic


When Justin heard this he immediately picks me up bridal style but we still couldn't get out and then I blacked out........



A/N Hey my little marshmallows so what's going to happen to Becca will she be okay or won't she? don't forget to like, favourite and comment on this book, I would love if you guys have any constructive criticism then kik me xx_michaera_xx

Stay Beautiful xxx




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