Endless love

Brooke an 18 year old girl, she's very poor she lives in a small, dirty and cramped apartment she has to work at Jupiter's casino to pay for the apartment she's living in. Justin on the other hand is a millionaire, he does singing for his career, he also has maids waiting on him hand and foot.
What happens when they collide?
Read to find out!!!


2. 2: What did you just say!?!

Justin's POV:

The really cute waitress I just felt that we had a special connection so I whispered in her ear: come at the front of the building at 3:30pm I didn't know her reply because she had to go wait another table so she couldn't say that she would come or not.

Me and my mum, Pattie planned to stay here the whole day so I'm getting really agitated because I keep on seeing her around, I keep on daydreaming about me and her when my mum talks to me. She's just so beautiful from the way she looks to the way she walks, I just cant wait until its 3:30.


I'm waiting outside the building for the waitress and I'm really nervous but excited, when I see the waitress coming my face lights up with joy. When she comes close enough I can see her name tag, so her name is Brooke cute name.

Becca: hi so what did you want to talk about?


Justin: hi so I just felt this really special connection, do you?


Becca: well I don't know


Justin: c'mon you have to feel it to

I said as I grabbed her hands and I just felt sparks and I know that she did too because her face just lit up


Becca: so what do you want to do about it?


Justin: I want to take you out to dinner, tomorrow tonight


Becca: but I don't have any fancy clothes


Justin: what do you mean?


Becca: I'm poor


Justin: umm ill give you $500 for you to get you a dress and everything


Brooke: I really cant take your money


Justin: Yes you can I don't care

I demanded while I gave her $500.


Becca: fine pick me up at 8:30pm


Justin: ill be there




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Stay beautiful xx

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