Endless love

Brooke an 18 year old girl, she's very poor she lives in a small, dirty and cramped apartment she has to work at Jupiter's casino to pay for the apartment she's living in. Justin on the other hand is a millionaire, he does singing for his career, he also has maids waiting on him hand and foot.
What happens when they collide?
Read to find out!!!


1. 1: My day at work

Brooke's POV:

I woke up at 6:00am, stretched my arms and got out of bed. I walked over to the bathroom, I hopped in the shower and let the warm water run down my body. 5 minutes later I hopped out and wrapped the towel around my body and another one wrapped around my hair.


I walked over to my closet, and opened it up to see only 7 shirts, shorts and shoes and 2 dresses I sighed glumly, I picked the outfit that has a tight black mini skirt, black singlet and black vans, my casual work clothes. I put my light/dark brown hair in a high ponytail.


I looked at my appearance one last time in my tiny, rusty mirror, I felt like a looked fine so I headed out the door, walked outside to my car. I sighed at the sight of my old, rusty silver ford, hopped in and started to drive to my work at Jupiter's Casino.


I got to Jupiter's casino, walked inside the crowded building. I went to the kitchen to see my best friend, Tyler he's been my best friend since we were 2, he's like an over-protective brother, but I've never seen him than anything more than a friend. He walked over to me and embraced me into a big, bear hug.


Tyler: hey, how gave you been?

Becca: good what about you?

Tyler: good


Me and Tyler were talking for about 10 minutes when we were interrupted by the chef.


Chef: Becca your up!

Becca: yes chef


Chef was sort of like a dad that I never had. he has supported me through everything that I had been through. I got my notepad, pen and apron and went over to table 5, just as chef told me to assist. I got over to the table to see a familiar face.

Becca: hi how may I help you?


When Justin bieber looked up it felt was a little weird, he wouldn't stop staring at me until I think it is his mum told him to stop staring and to ask for what they want. 


As he was telling me the order, I wrote it down.  as I was going back to the kitchen, I felt eyes burning into the back of my head, I turned around to see Justin staring at me again. it felt so weird. A stranger, a celebrity was starring at me, of all people.


As I was walking over to table 5 with the food and drinks, I could see Justin was thinking of saying something to me by the smirk that was upon his face. I placed their food down on the table and started to walk away, when Justin pulled me back and whispered in my ear.







A/N hey my little cookies so this is the first chapter, so what do you think what did Justin whisper in  her ear. read more to find out

Stay beautiful xx


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