Age Is Just A Number

Alyssa is a 17 year old girl who lives in california one day shes just walking around and 20 year old justin bieber spots her! Will they fall in love or just be friends? read the stories to find out


13. .....

Justin's pov

I woke up the next morning and Alyssa wasn't in my arms! I was really getting worried so I ran all around the house! I finally found her in the bathroom she was on the floor.

Justin- Alyssa baby what's wrong?

Alyssa- I've been puking!

Justin- r u okay?

Alyssa- yea I'm fine (:

I was relieved to hear that.

Alyssa's pov

I totally lied to justin truth is I was puking because I'm pregnant! Yea u read it right I'm pregnant. I just don't wanna tell justin because he's got a lot on him right now. I'm gonna keep it. A secret until I feel it's the right time to tell him. Which I hoping will be tonight!

* 4 hours later*

* still Alyssa's pov*

I was sitting on the couch snugged up with justin. I'm gonna tell him

Alyssa- justin I gotta tell u something!

Justin- what?

Alyssa- I'm-

I chickened out and made up an excuse

Alyssa- I'm- uh going back to my home for a few days

Justin- ow okay..

Alyssa- yea I'm leaving tonite so I'll start packing

I got up and rushed to pack my stuff. I just can't tell him the truth. What if he doesn't except me or the baby? I'm confused!


I'm leaving u with that! I'll make this longer after I get some ideas!! So what's your opinion should she tell justin? What should happen next?? Comment!!!

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