Age Is Just A Number

Alyssa is a 17 year old girl who lives in california one day shes just walking around and 20 year old justin bieber spots her! Will they fall in love or just be friends? read the stories to find out


10. 😘

**i skipped 2 months**

Alyssa's pov

Me and justin have been going on strong for 2 months and tomorrow is 3 months so it's are 3 month anniversary. I wanted it to be special as in special I mean SPECIAL 😍. I was ready!

Justin's pov

Hey babe?

Yes justin?

I'm taking you out to dinner today! K?


Love you I said with a smile

But I didn't get a reply so I walked into the room an Alyssa was gone I was about to freak out until I heard footsteps so I snuck up behind her and started tickling her!

Justin st stop!

Say I'm sexy then I will


Okay then

I started tickling her really hard until I heard it

Your SEXY! Now stop

I stopped and kissed her that's wht I thought!

We kisses then she got up and we went into different bathrooms and got ready!

** skip dinner**

Alyssa's pov

We finally got Home from dinner and it was time for Justin's "special" gift I was about to start until I felt arms wrap around me and throw me on the bed it was Justin.

Justin! I said confused


What are you doing! I said TRYING to get up

Babe don't fight it! I already know u was gonna do this tonight

How did you know?

The look on your face!

I'm ready babe! I said while smiling. Justin walked over to the bed and sat down then pulled me on this lap.

Are you sure?

I'm positive!

Justin pulled me down and got on top of me and started kissing down my neck until he got to my shirt which he ripped off me. We was now kissing down my stomach and taking off my bra. When he got it off he started messaging my boobs! After that he pulled down my pants and underwear leaving me naked then he got off of me and literally ripped his cloths of until he was naked

So that's what jerry looks like!!

Stop fan girling babe!

He got on top of me and started kissing me until I flipped us over and started doing my own thing before I knew it I was on my back and justin was about to enter me

Are your really ready for this? I don't wanna do anything to hurt u!

Justin! I love you I'm ready to be yours forever!


Justin began counting 1......2......3 on 3 I closed my eyes and screamed a little when we pushed jerry into me he sat there letting me get adjusted then he began to ride! Damn it felt good! Each time he pushed into me he hit my spot making me moan loud

Say my name baby!

J j jjustin I said while catching my breath

Scream my name


That's my girl

Justin was still on top until Alyssa turned over and started riding him like she was professional!

I'm gonna com!


1....2...3 they came at the same time and Alyssa got off justin and rolled over justin wrapped them up in a cover and put his arms around Alyssa and they fell asleep!


So tell me what u think! Sex scenes or naw?

I'm not gonna update for a while but I need some rest. I passéd out today in school in gym class cuz I don't get enough sleep but I'll update in 2-3 days!

Luv u guys!

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