Age Is Just A Number

Alyssa is a 17 year old girl who lives in california one day shes just walking around and 20 year old justin bieber spots her! Will they fall in love or just be friends? read the stories to find out


14. OMG!

Alyssa's pov


Great just great all the flights have been canceled for 2 weeks due to bad weather! Now what am I gonna do? Should I tell him or let him find out?...........I gotta do it I gotta tell him.....

Alyssa- hey justin?

Justin-yea babe?

Alyssa- I' pregnant

Justin- FINALLY! Yes! That's what I wanted. I wanted a beautiful girlfriend soon to be wife and a baby!

Alyssa- so your okay?

Justin- YES! Were gonna have a family!!!

so much relieve! 

justins pov

to be honest i was trying to have a baby all along!

im so happy that my beautiful girlfriend is pregnant! next step into creating our family is marriage. just gotta wait for the right time.

Alyssa- hey going to lay down

Justin- im coming with

we went upstairs and layed down i put my head on her chest and started singing lightly to the baby. 



A.N so what did you think? sorry for the short chapter! what should the babys name be and should it be  a boy or girl? comment below!! 

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