Age Is Just A Number

Alyssa is a 17 year old girl who lives in california one day shes just walking around and 20 year old justin bieber spots her! Will they fall in love or just be friends? read the stories to find out


12. I love you

Justin's pov

I woke up to see a beautiful girl next to me. It was Alyssa and she was still asleep and naked. I thought to myself **OMFG WHAT DID I DO TO HER** I began to cry and got up out of bed and put my boxer on and ran down stairs and punched the wall I tried to punch it again until a hand grabbed my hand I turnt around and saw Alyssa standing there confused

Justin's what's wrong with you?

I hurt u and I took your virginity your to young

Justin babe don't be mad u didn't do anything I wanted u to!

So your not mad at me?

No I love you

I picked Alyssa up and she wrapped her hands around my neck and legs around my stomach I started spinning her around until I heard a knock at the door I looked there the beep hole and told Alyssa to run upstairs and put on some cloths.

Alyssa's pov

Justin was spinning me around until he heard a Knock at the door then immediantly told me to put my cloths on so I ran upstairs and changed when I came back I seen justin hugging a girl when he seen me he let go of the hug and introduced us

Hey Alyssa this is my girlfriend......Selena

Selena this is my friend Alyssa

My eyes filled with tears so I turnt around and walked upstairs and shut the door and locked it how could he do this to me I was about to burst out crying until I heard a knock at the door then a key insurt the door an it opened justin was standing there

Leave me alone Justin I hate you and I'm going back home to my grandmals

Please Alyssa I can explain

No u can't justin

Selena went away on tour and I forgot about her then she came back I completely forgot about her

Save it justin I'm done

I began packing when arms came around me I pushed justin off and grabbed my bag and went down stairs before I could walk out the room justin grabbed my arm and spun me into a hug and kissed me

You may not love me right now but I'm gonna make things right

I bet now get off me

I walked down stairs and shot a glare at Selena then walked out and got into the car the driver took me to the airport I bought my ticket and sat down waiting for my plane to arrive. I missed justin so much :(

Justin's pov

After Alyssa left I went down stairs and saw Selena she got up and came to me and kissed me I pushed her away

Justin what the fuck

Selena I'm done with you just leave

But ju

I cut her off

I said leave were DONE!

She left and I ran upstairs got dressed and headed to the airport I'm gonna get my girl back of it's the last think I ever do. When I got to the airport I seen a girl sitting down by her self she had long blonde hair and she was wearing justin bieber vans I knew it was Alyssa so I yelled her name and she turnt around she was crying and she ran over to me I picked her up an Hugged her tight

Alyssa I never ment to hurt u

It's okay justin I forgive you just please don't ever do that again

I love you Alyssa

Love U to

No ones pov

Justin and Alyssa drove home and Alyssa unpacked and layed down justin layed next to her an cuddled her

Alyssa- justin? Why didn't u tell me about Selena

Justin- because I forgot about her all I had on my mind was you

Alyssa's eyes lite up and she kissed justin and rolled over so her head was facing justin an was about to sleep until justin pulled her on top of him and said " this is much more comfortable"

Alyssa smirked and went to sleep and so did justin ❤️


So guys do y'all like julyssa or naw?

I'm gonna update prolly tomorrow but nite guys!!! 😘 && remember justin isn't famous an neither is Selena or Anyone else that's gonna be in the story! I also changed her age she's now 17 ❤️

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