Age Is Just A Number

Alyssa is a 17 year old girl who lives in california one day shes just walking around and 20 year old justin bieber spots her! Will they fall in love or just be friends? read the stories to find out


7. Amazing!

alyssas pov

i really didnt remember anything from last night all i rememeber is justin saying he loved me. i opened my eyes and lifted up and got pulled back down by strong arms i turnt my head and seen justin. i screamed AAAAAHHHHH! justin woke up. whats wrong he yelled. why are u in my bed? ast night when i brung u home u fell asleep and i brung u in and your sister said i could stay so i decided to sleep with you. OMG! i screamded nothing happened calm down alyssa i would do that to you! he said then whispered not yet. wel um can i get up alyssa said cocky yes sure ill get ready and go home justin said.

justins pov

why was she worried about me sleeping next to her i her boyfriend! why didnt she remember last night does she know im her boyfriend? ALYSSA! i yelled she stopped and turned around what justin? u remember last nite? How could i forget it was amazing? So u know what i am right? YES YOUR MY BOYFRIEND!  i was releaved to hear that! i ove u i stated i love u to she said while bowing a kiss and walking into the bathroom.  

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