Age Is Just A Number

Alyssa is a 17 year old girl who lives in california one day shes just walking around and 20 year old justin bieber spots her! Will they fall in love or just be friends? read the stories to find out


6. age doesn't matter❤️

We got into his car and he pulled up to a small building. We walked in and no one was there

I rented it out justin said

Ow that's awesome I said amazed

We'll um I brought u here to tell u something justin said kinda shy

We'll tell me I was now nervous

That day I ran into u I ment to do it I just wanted a reason to talk to u I seen u walking by so I made my move......I'm not gonna lie your beautiful and I wanna be with you so bad❤️ Justin said in a sexy voice

But our ages you 20 I'm 13 an....I was cut off by justin

Age doesn't matter babe ! Love does! Do you love me Alyssa?

YES I screamed he smirked then said " I love you to"

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