Darcy's mother died this year and she is on a search to find her father. When she finds him she can't tell him that she is his daughter he has to say it to her. There are many hurdles faced in this story. Will Darcy ever get her father to love her? Read to find out.


7. the Mall.

"Harry?!, we are on victoria secret!"

"Sorry, but Louis will never find us in here"I nodded.

Harry ran to the change rooms and I followed. When I got there He started to throw bras at me, I laughed. I don't know how long it took Louis to find us but when he did he joined into prunes throwing game.

After say another fifteen minutes we left leaving the shop owner to pick up all of the clothing we threw. I quickly walked out with Harry and Louis following behind. I heard harry mumble something, but then Louis said " Hey I forgot to get El a present, so I better go you guys go get lunch and I'll meet you there in about half an hour". We both nodded like in sync.

We had a race to the food court and I soon fell on the ground with a big thud. Ouch. Harry quickly pulled me up and held on to my hand. I agreed and our fingers twinned together.

We soon reached the food court and wow there was heaps to choose from. " What do you want?" He asked me. I looked around and pointed at the Asian place. I love Asian food.

He brought me the Asian food and it seemed he loved Asian food too. Wow I am heaps like my father.

As we found a seat and sat down he asked me to tell him about myself. His emerald eyes were sparkling in the light and I couldn't resist. He was exactly like me and I loved it. I started to speak and I said "Why so you want to know?"


I started off by saying " I want to find my father and get to know him. Ask him all the questions. I have an idea of who he was but I don't know. Louis is the closest thing I had to a father. I love basketball and the colour orange. I have always wanted to go to New York and Amsterdam. I have never really had any friends. I tried to kill myself a few weeks ago as I was getting bullied and mum was never home. And what else do you want to know?" I started getting teary at the end.

He looked at me shocked with his mouth in a perfectly round shape. Until I shoved a piece of food in his mouth. He chuckled and I burst out laughing.

Harry didn't say much after that and once we were done he got up and grabbed my hand. We walked and crashed into Louis on the way.

"Louis come on we are going home" Harry and I said in unison. Louis nodded.

We got into the car and drove home.

"Harry" I started.

Hey guys sorry a really bad chapter. They will get better. I hope. Hope your enjoying.

Love you all


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