Darcy's mother died this year and she is on a search to find her father. When she finds him she can't tell him that she is his daughter he has to say it to her. There are many hurdles faced in this story. Will Darcy ever get her father to love her? Read to find out.


22. Newest Chapter



All I saw was my baby girl fall down and not get back up. I suddenly felt my eyes go wet and I held back the tears for everyone. Mum and Gemma were looking at me evry curiously and watching my every move, while Niall picked Darcy up Bridal style. I saw a tear drop from niall's eye as he was carrying her. We all ran straight outside and into the car. We didnt even ask if we could take Darcy, we just left.


"Is that Darcy?" My mother asked. I nodded. Darcy was now in my arms and Niall was driving."She's beautiful!" Mum exclaimed. I think mum will love Darcy. "She's even better once you get to know her. She is amazing. I dont know why I ever left Sarah when she tole me she was pregnant. It's one mistake that I will always regret" I said as my mum was stroking Darcy's hair. "Well you have her now. All you can do is hope for the best and have a happyh life with her" I nodded. "But...... You have to stay with me for a while. So I can get to know my grandaughter and you promise you will visit?"She asked and hel out her pinky. "Promise" I said as I wrapped my pinky around hers. She smiled widely and so did I.




Afetr a long drive we made it to the hospital. I ran inside with Darcy in my arms and told the desk lady that she had passed out and hasnt woken up. She called a doctor and tooke her. I followed but was stopped. "Sorry sir. No people past this point only doctors and Nurses. We will give you an update but you have to stay in the waiting room. There is f a cafetirea down the hall and to the left. Im guessing you are very hungry?" She said pushing me back. "But don't you see that's my daughter. I need her!" I yelled. "I'm sorry sir you just have to wait like evryonr else" She said. I was about to open my mouth to speak again but Mum interupted me.... "Thank you for telling us where to get food from. Come on Harry you need some rest lets sit down and have a break for a while"  I nodded.


I went down the hall and to left and walked into a cafeteria. I looked around and saw people crying, people eating and patients sitting with their families. I walked up to the line and grabbed my self a coffee, some biscuits and a sandwich. I waited in line and made it to the cashier. "That will be $12.50 thanks" I reached in my wallet and pulled out a 20 dollar note. I handed it to him. Then walked away. Then suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around. "Sir your change" He said as he was handing it to me. "Keep it" I said then walked off. I looked for a table and spotted one in the far corner of the room. I walked over to it and sat down on the dull grey chair. Placed my food onto the white table that was circular. I felt another tap on the shoulder and this time it made me jump. " Harry?" They questioned. I turned around and saw....


Sarah Reagan? Darcy's mum.


"Sarah?" I questioned. "What?" I heard a high pitched voice say. Oh No. It cant be. I shook my head, closed my eyes and reopened them. It was. The one person I can never stand.


"Hey Amber" I said. "You remembered my name!!!" She squealed. "What do you want?" I asked. "Oh to sit with you" She said. "No! Is your sister around?" I asked. "Yeah she's over there" She pointed to Skylar."Can you go get her for me" I ordered. She nodded.


Here is mine and Amber's story. A few years ago I had to date Amber because management made her as she is a supermodel. But I absolutely hated her. One time she took me over to meet her family and that's where I met Skylar. I instanly fell in love with her. As people say love at first sight. Anyways as I got to know skylar more and more, the more i fell in love with her. I broke it off with Amber and went to ask Skylar out only to find that she had a boyfriend. A part of me has always loved Skylar and I always will.


My phone buzzzed in my pocket and I looked at the caller I.d. It was Marty so I picked up. I dont know if I can really do this anymore just seeing Skylar made me fall in love again adn Marty cheated on me. That's what I'm going to do. I' going to brake it off with Marty and try and work things out with Skylar.


I picked up the phone: (H=Harry, M=Marty)



M-Hey. Look I was wondering whether you've found Darcy yet?

H-Yeah we have. But she fainted so we have taken her to the hospital and we are just waiting to hear from the doctors.

M-That's not good. Keep me posted ok?

H-Yep will do.

M-K. Love you

H- About that.

M-about what?

H- I think we should break up.


H- First of all you Cheated on me and that's all you need to know ok.

M- you said it was ok though.

H- i know i said that but i cant do it anymore. I cant act like i love when I can't and don't. You cheated on me Marty and I can never forgive for that.I'm sorry Marty. I hope you have a nice life.

M-You too harry. Hope you enjoy your time with Darcy. Just know that I love you.

With that I ended the call. I looked up and saw Skylar. "Hey" I said. "Hi" she replied while she was sitting down. She is so beautiful. I wish she was mine. I wonder if she likes me too. "Did you hear that conversation?" I asked. She nodded. It was a bit weird at first but then she blurted out "Would you like to go on a date with me!" Then she covered her mouth. "I would love to" I said with my heart skipping a beat. She let out a sigh of relief. "Come with me" I said. She got up and we walked hand in hand down to the waiting room. As we got there the nurse came out and gestured that we could see Darcy. "Harry you go first" Mum said. I nooded.


Skylar and I walked into Darcy's room. "This is my daughter" I said. She was shocked. Then started to cry. I comforted her. "What's wrong sky?" I asked. "My Son Morgan is here in a coma too. And they look almost alike." I was shocked. "When did he come in here?" I asked."Just a few hours ago. I adopted her and then this happened" Adopted did she say adopted.


Did sarah have twins? I need to fin out. "Come on sky. Lets see if they are twins because I know for a fact Darcy was born here." I held out my hand. "Morgan was bron here too" She replied. she grabbed my hand and went to the front desk. "Was there two twins born here on the 21st of April 1999?" I asked. "Who's asking"She asked. "The father of the patient in room 301. Darcy Hope Reagan and the mother of the patient in room....." "405. Morgan James Smith" Sky finished.


The lady looked through her screen and nodded. Making those mhm noises that I hate. "There was a set of twins born here on that day. The mother was Sarah Reagan." She announced. I was completly shocked. Skylar gave me a missive hug ans i wrapped my arms around her.


"Can I see my son?" I asked. She nodded and lead to a room exactly like Darcy's and I saw a boy that looked like a mini me. I can see us being a family in the future.

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