Darcy's mother died this year and she is on a search to find her father. When she finds him she can't tell him that she is his daughter he has to say it to her. There are many hurdles faced in this story. Will Darcy ever get her father to love her? Read to find out.


11. New Years

I always wanted to get to know this guy That was Harry's friend but he never wanted to get to know me. But anyways if he wants to get to know me, he will. Everything happens for the right reasons, right?


I woke up the next day and opened my orange door. I walked over to Harry's room and just barged through the door. When I looked he wasn't there. 'What!' I quickly got out of his room just incase he caught me in his room. When I looked around I saw some arrows with a note that read:


Follow the arrows to lead you to a surprise.

Love Harry


I followed the arrows and it lead to a room that I'd never been in before. I opened the dark black door and saw Harry holding a cake. "Happy New Year's Eve Darcy! I've got cake and you better Hurry up I am taking you out" I nodded. Grabbed a peice of the perfectly baked cake and ran out. Then ran back in. "Fancy" I asked. He nodded. "There is a nice dress in your cupboard that I put in last night. Wear that" I nodded.

This time I kept running up to my room and took a shower in my ensuite.

Once I was done I looked in my cupboard and. Found this amazing pink dress that I loved so dearly. He evern got me a matching clutch. Sparkly shoes and a diamond necklace that was so pretty. Oh I loved him so much.


I walked down the stairs and all the boys had their mouths in a perfect 'o' shape. I just chuckled. "You look amazing!" Harry said. I smiled. Harry grabbed my hand and we walked out to the car. Being the gentleman I know he is, he opened the door for me. I hopped in and he ran round to the drivers seat. He started the car.

"Marty is coming too. Is that alright? It's just I had plans with her..." I cut Harry off "Harry it's ok. Marty is so nice. I love being around the both of you!" I smiled, showing my dimples. He smiled back with his dimples showing too.

We talked about random stuff for a while. Like what I want to be when I'm older and flying dog unicorns. It was weird.

We finally reached Marty's house. Harry grabbed out a Rose and quickly got out of the car. He knocked on he door and Marty opened up. Wow! She looked pretty.

Harry quickly gave her a kiss and ran to the car to open the door for her. He then ran to his side of the car and started driving. "Why thank you Harry" she said. "Your Welcome" he replied with. Marty leaned in and so did Harry their lips were about to touch when I decided to spoil the moment.

"Um. Hello? I'm here you know!" I yelled in their ears. "Hey Darcy, I need to tell you a secret!" Marty told me gesturing for me to lean forward. Being the curious person I am, I leaned forward. When I leaned forward Harry leaned in and Marty nodded. They both gave me a big sloppy kiss on the cheek. Eww. "Eww!" I screamed. They both just laughed.


Finally we had arrived. We were at this fancy restaurant called the conservatory or something ( I forget a lot of things and this was one of them), and don't get me wrong it was FANCY. The waiter led us to a table for four. "Who else is coming?" I asked looking at the extra seat. "No one silly. There is just an extra chair because they can't put three seats around a four person table!" Marty corrected me. "Oh" was all i said.

We ordered our food and talked for a while. But before we knew it the sun was setting. "I have a surprise for you both!" Harry said and grabbed Marty's and my hands. He pulled us out. We crossed a couple of roads and Harry led us to this little island in the middle of the park. "This is where we can watch the sunset and have dinner. I have set up a picnic for us all to have. Marty there is something I have to tell you!" She nodded. "I love you with all my heart and I want to be with you forever. You are the only one I want to be with and I could never live without you" he got down on one knee and pulled out a small Tiffany box. "Will you be mine forever? Will you Marry me?" She nodded. "Yes. Yes...... Yes" was all she said. Then they kissed.

"Harry?" Marty said. Harry nodded. "Harry I'm pregnant." Was all she said. "Oh that's great Marty. I can't wait to be a dad!" That's when i broke down.

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