Darcy's mother died this year and she is on a search to find her father. When she finds him she can't tell him that she is his daughter he has to say it to her. There are many hurdles faced in this story. Will Darcy ever get her father to love her? Read to find out.


8. my new room

"Harry?! I had lots of fun today. Can we do fun stuff like that every day? And can I get to know you better as oh know me a bit better, I wanna know you better?" He nodded. I was surprised at his facial expression, it went from a frowns face to a smile that you couldn't wipe of his face.

We arrived back home and almost immediately Harry grabbed my arm. I winced at the pain as my scars were still there. He jumped back with a real worried look on his face and said "Are you okay?" I nodded. He grabbed my hand this time and almost dragged me up the clear shiny glass stairs.

Then he walked up another stair case, but this one was smaller and lead to a room. As Harry and I walked up them I looked down and saw a school of dory looking fish swimming under the steps. I walked up the stairs and saw two separate doors and he pointed to the one on the right with an orange painted door that said Darcy. I jumped up with joy and then realised, How could he have done this he didn't even want to see me until today.

I looked at him puzzled and he looked at me and said " I Texted the boys other than Louis what your favourite colour was and your favourite sports and I'm sorry there are a couple of one direction things. Because when Louis was with your mum he told me that you loved one direction". I gave him a bear hug and surprisingly he hugged me back. My dad was finally getting to know me.

He looked at me and I nodded. He pushed the door to reveal a white walled room with a blue flower painted on the wall as a feature. The other 2 walls had posters of one direction, Katy perry and Taylor swift my favourite singers. And the last wall which is my favourite wall had a killer whale wall paper on it. It looked like it was swimming towards you. It was so cool.

I gave Harry another big hug and he hugged me back again. "I'll be just next door if you need me" I nodded at his statement. He walked out of the room and I just spun around and flopped on my bed. Wow it felt like a marshmallow or a cloud I wasn't sure but it was comfy. It was orange too. This room showed my personality off. As my personality is no style, outgoing and different, as well as loving.

I wanted to explore my new room so off I went. I looked and found a door, I opened it and saw a big wardrobe with heaps of clothes already in there and they were all my size too. Yay. I quickly jumped out of the walk in wardrobe. Boy I love it when it sounds like that. Walk in wardrobe.

As I walking round I found another door and I opened it. It lead to a beautiful ensuite with an orange feature wall. My favourite colour. I looked up and saw a thin piece of rope. Yes a type rope. I quickly climbed up and started walking.

As I was walking on the rope my foot slipped and I fell down landing head first. As usual I forgot to use my common sense and put down a net so that it would catch my fall. I called out for Harry and got no answer.

"Harry?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs while my voice was breaking.

Almost immediately Harry burst through the door and looked at me all worried. He picked me up bridal style and started to run out of the room and down the stairs.

Hey guys here is the next chapter hope you enjoy. Keep reading.

Love you all


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