Darcy's mother died this year and she is on a search to find her father. When she finds him she can't tell him that she is his daughter he has to say it to her. There are many hurdles faced in this story. Will Darcy ever get her father to love her? Read to find out.


17. I need to find her


"Hey, Lou" I said as he walked into the room. My head was down and my checks were all puffy. "I hate you! You made Darcy move away and she is not coming back for 5 years!" He yelled at me. "Calm down Lou. I don't know what I did so don't go blaming me" I said back. "You don't know?" I nodded.

"She heard you talking to Marty and you said you couldn't wait to be a dad! When she heard you say a few days earlier that you didn't want to be a dad" he said. OMG she ran away before I could tell her that I was her father and tell her that I wanted her to be part of my life. "Lou, she ran away before I could tell her that I wanted her to be part of my life and that I was her father" I said.

"Oh" was all he said. He walked out the room not saying another word and he had his head down as if he had assumed that I didn't want her. Urgh. I can't believe she would move away. I need her in my life. I need her to be my daughter and we can be a happy family.

I am going to find Darcy even if it takes me years. I am going to find her. I was going to get Louis but I knew he would want her and she would want him. So I ran straight to Niall's room.

"Hey, would you come find Darcy with me?" He nodded. "Pack a bag we are leaving at 6 tomorrow" he nodded again. I ran back up to my room and packed my bag. After I had finished I rang Marty. She picked up after three rings.

"M- hello?"

"H- Hi I'm just letting you know that I will be away for a while"

"M- Ok why?"

"H- Because I am going to find my daughter that you hid from me"

"M-Who told you?"

"H- No one had to. It pretty obvious when you both turn up at the same time"

"M- I'm sorry Harry, but be safe please"

"H- okay I will. Love you"

"M- Love you too"

We hung up and I decided to go to bed to pass the time.

I woke up with the sun rising and my alarm blaring in my ear. I quickly got dressed and grabbed my bag of clothes and stuff. I pulled my granger out of the wall and picked up my wallet. I went downstairs and found Niall having breakfast.

"You ready to go" he asked. I nodded. I picked up and apple and ran out the door. I noticed Niall had written a note that read:


Harry and I will be gone for a while. We don't know how long but if you need us just call. We will miss you heaps. We are going for a trip around Europe for a very important reason. Hopefully we see you soon. We will miss you.

Harry and Niall


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