Darcy's mother died this year and she is on a search to find her father. When she finds him she can't tell him that she is his daughter he has to say it to her. There are many hurdles faced in this story. Will Darcy ever get her father to love her? Read to find out.


2. chapter 2:

I saw my fathers name in the system and I'm sure I have heard of it before. Marty obviously knew who he was by her facial expression. "Darcy it's time to give you your mothers will." I slowly nodded as she gave me a letter.


You are my everything and I'm sure you know that. I'm so sorry to tell you this now but Harry Styles is your father. I know how much you love one direction and well Harry is a part of that. I knew you would be put in foster care so I gave a lady called Marty you dads address. I love you so much Darcy, always have and always will. Your father doesn't know you exist so you may want to get a DNA test done just to make sure.

I love you

Mum/Sarah Reagan


"Marty!" I screed at the top of my lungs hoping she would hear as she left the room. She literally sprinted back into the room to help me. When she got in she stared at me intensely wand it was silent. I decided to break the silence by saying "I believe you have my fathers address."

Marty slowly nodded.

Sorry guys it was a really short chapter, I know I said Wednesday but I had nothing to do today. Please keep reading and comment your opinions.

Love you all.


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