The Bad Boy At School

Agh The Gang there is Always one in school


1. 1st Day Of School

Hi my name is April I am 17 years old I have brown chocolaty hair with little bangs on the ends and I have green eyes.

Better every body knows the first day of school well big word to say BORING !!! Well I study in the LSU I have been studying there for about 2 and a half years on obusly there is the popular boy and alsow super hot . He and his gang Niall Liam Zayn and Louis ow how I hate thouse 5 boys including Harry they always are bullying me . But sometimes I feel feelings for Harry but well he will never see me like that.

I hate the sound of my alarm I look the hour and , 5:00 am ow I hate school says especially if that gang is in my school ,weel I get out of bed and change in this really sexy t-shirt color black that says KISS ME . Well it is kinda short I can sow my bellybuton and a little bit hire but not to much with black skinny jeans with black convers showing my beautiful green eyes of. I went downstairs sens I live alone I do have family but I am old enough to live alone you know privet life. Well I got my back pack and walk to school . Sudently I see on the gates of school Harry and his Gang ow come on I dicide to wear sexy clothes today and tadah The GANG !!!!! Well I walk normally avoiding them but bad luck caught me again . They started calling me and following me what could go more wrong

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