Demeanour - Zayn Malik [AU]

He was a boy, she was a girl;. Can I make it anymore obvious? Just this time, she was a punk. What more can I say?


4. iii


"I'm sure as hell the happiest I've ever been..."


Harmony's P.O.V.

"Okay class, since I wasn't here last class I was not expecting much work to be done so please get started!" Ms. Coral announced to the class as she turned on the radio. "So Harmony, how do you want to get started?" Zayn asked popping me out of my own thoughts. "Oh, um, it doesn't matter" I replied quickly. "Well, I was thinking we start in the middle. Maybe just draw what ever is on our minds" he smiled, shyly drawing a light circle in the middle of the page. I nodded as I got up to get some paint and paintbrushes.

I slouched back into my seat and attempted to open the jar. No use. I wouldn't budge. I cursed under my breath as I tried to twist the jar open. "Need some help?" Zayn smirked. "No" I replied trying to keep my cool but I think by now we both knew that wasn't going to last for long. "Fucking jar" I mumbled under my breath. Zayn let out a chuckle watching me struggle. "Final-fuck!" I cursed. The jar did open. Just the paint oozed onto my arm. By now Zayn couldn't contain his laughter.

"Oh, you think that's funny?" I asked while wiping off the paint from my arm with a paper towel. He just nodded and smiled. With that, I took a paint brush, dipped it in paint, and flicked paint right at his face. "Oi! Watch the hair!" he exclaimed. "No, I think that's funny!" I laughed. Zayn had paint right on his mouth and forehead. He flicked paint at me, aiming right for my mouth. "Hey!" I screeched. "This calls for war" I smirked.

"Hey! Stop it! What's going on?" Ms. Coral asked us. We were now covered in paint. Words coundn't seem to form in Zayn mouth so of course I had to speak up. Poor guy never got into much trouble, now did he? "Just our project, see!" I said pointing at our paper. Paint was splatted all over it. "Alright.. but if paint is going to be everywhere, please next time make sure this happens outside! Now please clean up this mess" she laughed and walked away.

"Well, you handled that pretty well" Zayn looked at me as he cleaned paint off of the desk. "I mean like, she is usually one the most mean, strict teachers at this school" he continued. "Yeah, we're pretty close I guess?" I laughed.

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