Demeanour - Zayn Malik [AU]

He was a boy, she was a girl;. Can I make it anymore obvious? Just this time, she was a punk. What more can I say?


3. ii


"From the moment I met you, everything changed. I knew I had to get you, whatever the pain. I had to take you and make you mine."


Harmony's P.O.V.

Finally it's Friday. I have art three times a week but today I'm most excited because we have two periods. As I entered the school, I was honestly surprised that I wasn't late for class today, given the fact I did wake up late. The day dragged on and the usual happened. I got kicked out of class for either being a 'distraction' or for talking during a lesson and then end up with a call home.

As I entered the art room, there was an old woman sitting at the teachers desk. No sorry, more like an old witch. Great. Just great. A substitute teacher. Why did Ms. Coral, our art teacher have to not be here today? Out of all the days. "Um, hi kids. I'm Mrs. H and your regular teacher has assigned you with partners for this upcoming assignment" she spoke as she handed out a booklet that explained what we had to do for the project. A groan escaped from my mouth once she said 'partners.' I don't really have anyone that I would call a 'friend', like I said, I'm not a people person.

"Ashley and Mitchell"

"Ethan and Anne"

Ms. H read the names off of a list. Great. Ms. Coral paired up boys and girls.

"Minnie and Zayn"

Another groan escaped my lips. I was paired up with Zayn. I picked up my chair and dragged it over to where Zayn was seated. Once I sat down his eyes darted up for my pages and a smirk spread across his face. "Well hello there Minnie" he said. "Don't call me that" I spoke through gritted teeth. Ms. Coral's nickname for me is Minnie. She said she calls me that because Harmony doesn't suit my personality and I'm also pretty short. "I'm just kidding, Harmony" he said.

I quickly scanned through the booklet to see what we had to do. So basically, we have to take a huge piece of poster board and create anything. Just draw our thoughts, feelings, anything. It can be complete abstract, it doesn't matter. And then after that we have to write about what our piece of art means to us and present it to Ms. Coral and the class.

"Loosen up, yeah?" Zayn said breaking the silence. I guess he could tell how uncomfortable I was with the whole partner situation. "Anyways, tell me about yourself" he said. "Well, my name is Harmony" I blankly stated. He let out a chuckle at my bland response. "What's your middle name?" he asked me. "Olivia" I responded. "Favourite colour?" "Red" "Favourite band?" "The Fray" "Interesting..." he said making me giggle. "What's your last name?" "Malik." "Favourite band?" "*NSYNC" "Favourite food?" "Chicken." "Interesting..."

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