Dirty Little Book


So basically each chapter is a new scene.


1. Colton and Sammy

"Don't worry," he whispered in my ear. "I'll be gentle." He slowly moved his lips to mine, sending shivered down my back. His hand moved up and down my back slowly, making me more anxious. His other hand started to fiddle with the hem of my shirt.

I wrapped one leg around him, the other keeping me standing. I grabbed his hair with my hand. We were kissing more passionately now. His hand started up my shirt, toe wards my bra strap. He undid it, and went strait for my boobs. He caressed them, making me moan softly.

"Do I make you feel good," he smirked.

Another moan escaped me. I took my free hand and undid his belt, his lips still on mine. My hand went down his pants, stroking him. He sighed once I touched him. He squeezed my boob and I moaned loudly. He kept on, squeezing harder and harder.

His other hand went down my shorts, squeezing my butt lightly. He fingered my ass, and it felt amazing. I wrapped my other leg around him so he was carrying me. He walked us over to his bed and set me down carefully. He was on top of me, slowly removing my shorts. I removed his shirt, revealing his abs.

I soon picked up the pace, stroking his dick. I pulled off his pants, leaving him in his underwear. He took off my shirt and bra and threw them across the room.

He broke away from our kiss, and sucked my boobs.

"Coooolton," I moaned. He smiled and took off my underwear. He lowered his head and began to lick my pussy. It felt amazing. I groaned and my hips bucked around. I grabbed his head, pulling him towards me, causing him to go deeper. He soon kissed his way back up to my neck, playing with my boobs again. I grabbed his underwear and took them off leaving both of us naked.

He quickly repositioned, spreading my legs far apart. He took his dick in one hand and shoved it in me.

"Ooh!" I moaned. It felt so good. He thrusted in and out, quicker and harder each time. I grabbed the covers for support. I was moaning like crazy.

"I'm ready baby," he said, removing himself from me. He quickly shoved it in my mouth. Then he came. Hot liquid filled my mouth. I had to swallow it all. "Clean it. "

I licked his dick, making him moan. I slowly pushed him, so he was on the bottom. I grabbed his penis and shoved it in me, I was sitting on his lap. I bounced up and down. He watched me, my boobs specificity as I groaned.

I slowly got off and leaned up beside him. He kissed me and before I knew it, I fell asleep.

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