Love at first sight (harry styles fan fic)

I was at the back of the arena having a little break from meet and greets. I see a girl a beautiful girl! We both catch each other's gaze and feels like we are staring at each other for ours. C'mon harry say somthing to her! "Hey, what's a beautiful girl like you doing out in this cold weather?"
"I'm lost, I'm supposed to be at the meet and greet but...."


3. thank you so much

Maddys pov

"What's a beautiful girl like you doing out in this cold weather?"

I heard this gorgeous voice behind me

"Umm I was looking for my friend and I have a feelin she is back at the hotel now."

I turn around and Oh my goodness it's harry!

"Woah" harry says

"What's wrong?" I ask

"Y-your beaut-beautiful. Wait. Your from that surfing magazine right, the one In my tour bus!"

"Umm I'm not sure but I have a feeling it might be me"

Did he just call me beautiful!!!

"Here come with me"

Harry grabs my hand and walks me in the direction of a massive tour bus.

"I will show you the magazine come on in" he smirks at me! Oh god I love his smirk

"Arghhh where did I leave it? Oh right it's under my pillow"

Harry walks down to the other end of the bus grabs the magazine I am sponsored by and shows me the front cover. It is me.

"Haha yep that's me, oh and thank you so much for getting me out of that... Now thunder storm"

"No problem but it looks like we are stuck on the tour bus because the boys are all inside and I don't really wanna catch a cold"

"That's fine but we could make it fun?"

"Of course love! Let's grab some lollies from the cupboard and play 20 questions"

"This isn't gonna turn out like most stories is heard about 20 questions is it?"

"And what have you heard?"

"Nothing just most my friends end up dating after playing this sounds stupid haha, let's play"

"Well we wil have to wait and see won't we" harry smirks at me

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