Love at first sight (harry styles fan fic)

I was at the back of the arena having a little break from meet and greets. I see a girl a beautiful girl! We both catch each other's gaze and feels like we are staring at each other for ours. C'mon harry say somthing to her! "Hey, what's a beautiful girl like you doing out in this cold weather?"
"I'm lost, I'm supposed to be at the meet and greet but...."


2. meeting him

I was at the arena of Australia for one direction meet and greet, my best friend ran off after niall and I couldn't see where she went so I followed a corridor. I ended up at the back of the arena where they boys tour bus was, I decide to see if anyone's in it

Harry's pov;

I see a beautiful girl walking towards me and she catches my gaze aswell

Harry say somthing to her like now....

"What's a beautiful girl like you doing out here in this weather?"

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