Six months after Fracture, Dipper is left alone with his newborn son. Needless to say, he calls for backup.


2. Part 2

     When Girlie heard the panicked edge in Dipper's voice, she began to think the worst. There was a murderer in the house. Or a robber. Maybe a kidnapper. Perhaps all three.

     She restrained herself from grabbing a knife for protection and continued the conversation. "What's wrong?"


     "Tyrone? Is he okay? What happened?"

     Dipper breathlessly screamed his explanation so loud, Girlie had to hold the phone at arm's length to avoid a bust eardrum. "He sneezed twice. Twice! Then he whimpered. And Wendy isn't here. She left for a while. And I am home alone. And Tyrone is- Oh my God! He blinked! If there were a Weeping Angel in the room, he'd be gone forever. Girlie! He did it again! I need help."

     Girlie refrained from saying, "Yes. You definitely need help. I'm sure I have the phone number for a good therapist somewhere." Instead, she assured him that she and Prez would soon be on their way. She then plopped on the couch and hit play.

     Prez hit pause immediately after. "Girlie! You said we were going somewhere."

     "I never said when." Seeing the disapproving look on Prez's face, Girlie added, "David left the TARDIS. We'll just go back in time and appear three seconds after Dipper called. I just wanna finish the episode." She hit play again, and Prez, knowing there was no more reason to argue, turned her gaze to the television.


     Girlie pulled open the door to the TARDIS and saw Dipper's house. "Here we go," Girlie grumbled. To say she was ecstatic about taking care of Dipper's child was like saying chinchillas flew west every spring to hang out at a strip club. It was simply a lie.

     Girlie hopped up the steps, and Prez followed. The two knocked on the door, and Dipper hollered, "It's unlocked!"

     Prez pushed the door open, and the sight inside was horrific. Baby blankets were strewn on the floor, as well as pacifiers, baby bottles, and a little stuffed rabbit that Girlie recognized as the one she had horribly hand-sewed for little Tyrone.

     Voicing Girlie's thoughts perfectly, Prez whispered, "What the hell happened here?"

     Dipper came out from the nursery, holding Tyrone. He was rocking and bouncing him at the same time. "What took you so long?"

     Girlie looked at her watch. "It only took thirty minutes, Dip." By the looks of the living room, she wouldn't have been surprised if she had taken several hours.

     "You're the one who can travel through time!"

     "Well, I am sorry I punched in the wrong time, because Girlie was busy cleaning up the popcorn," Prez replied rudely.

     "You drove the TARDIS alone? After what happened last time?"

     "I didn't mean to hit the Twin Towers!"

     "Well, everything with you is a 'didn't mean to,' isn't it?"

     "Excuse me, Princess!"

     "SHUT IT!" Girlie screamed. Her temper had risen too far, and unfortunately, although she was usually able to control herself, she was losing her cool quickly. She collected herself quickly, hoping that her moodswing wouldn't be so apparent. Her symptoms were becoming more and more conspicuous, as was the distinct bulge of her stomach, and she knew without a doubt that everyone would soon notice the clues. After that, it wouldn't take a world-class detective to discover the meaning. "Everyone needs to calm down. There are more important things at hand."

     "But she started 9-11."

     "On accident."

     "And I was the 'iceberg' that sunk the Titanic when I first used the TARDIS! Big deal. You called us here for a reason though, and it was not to criticize my sister, was it?"


     "Okay then. First, what do you think you are doing?" Girlie asked. During the whole fight, Dipper continued his little dance of rocking and dancing while his baby cried.

     "Trying to burp Tyrone."

     Girlie responded with a groan. "You can't burp a baby like that. Let me see him." She took Tyrone and held him. She lightly patted him on the back some and Tyrone belched quietly. "There you go," she whispered to him as his sobbing ceased. "Doesn't that feel better?"

     She handed him back to Dipper. "It's not that hard."

     "Unlike you, I didn't play with baby dolls when I was a kid."

     "I played with Sonic Screwdrivers and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic glass figurines, not baby dolls."

     "And Mabel has shown me photo evidence of you playing with her Baby Alive doll when you were three," Prez chimed in.

     Embarrassed, Dipper changed the subject. "Would you two help me put Tyrone to bed and tidy up?"


     Soon, Tyrone was snoozing away, the living room was spotless, and Girlie, Prez, and Dipper were too pooped to poop.

     "Great way to spend Groundhog's day, huh?" Girlie complained sarcastically, sprawled out in the patio swing.

     "Yeah. Sorry I pull you in with me. I've never been taken care of a child before. Not alone anyway."

     "That's obvious," Prez commented with a laugh.

     "It's no biggie. It's just practice for October."

     "Huh?" Prez and Dipper spoke in sync.

     "I - I - I - I - I didn't say anything," Girlie stuttered, trying to cover up her blunder. She usually prided herself in being the one to catch others' slip-ups, and never let mouth work without the consent of her brain. But her words decided to act on their own, and Girlie was left to clean up.

     "Yeah, you did."

     "What's wrong with October? Or were you talking about the month?"

     Girlie sighed.

     "Spill it."

     "Ugh. Fine. That is when I am due..."


     Girlie confessed, "Last week, David noticed that I was having morning sickness, and then when I snapped at him, he said that I was also having moodswings. So after a bit of discussing, he had the TARDIS perform a full on scan. That thing is definitely better than a normal ultrasound. Anyway, I will be giving birth to a girl late October."

     "Really?" Prez squealed, attacking with a hug. "I can't believe it! I'm gonna have a niece!"

     "Have David and you decided on a name yet?"

     "He keeps suggesting things like Rose, Rosa, Rosetta, et cetera. I think he is still hung up on Rose Tyler. There is one name I liked though. Rosalinda. What do you think?"

     "Sounds like royalty."

     In a phony queen's voice that sounded closer to Effie Trinket's Capitol accent, Girlie announced, "Princessa Rosalinda Luna Tennant!"

     "Not bad. Wait until Mom and Mum find out."

     "No! You can't tell them! They'll combust! Besides, I don't want the attention. I didn't mean to say anything."

     Prez and Dipper reluctantly agreed to keep quiet, and Girlie smiled. If she had a choice on the people she would want to her unborn child to be around, it would have to be the two of them (and Mabel, who too lazy to help her brother with Tyrone apparently...)

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