Irritated Machines

Dette er en samling af tekster jeg har arbejdet igennem min vinter/tidlig forårs session til noget musik tam-tam. Teksterne handler om om vidt forskellige ting, som religion eller de lidt mere dystre ting i hverdagen. Fear not though! Lyspunkter er der jo altid. ;)

Læn jer tilbage med en bastogne kiks, noget Richard Ragnvald i baggrunden og så ellers bare nyd ordenes dans. :)


2. Who Are You?

Verse 1:
I never saw your face, I only saw this foreign tiki mask
Something else to portray, did you keep truth in a flask?
As easy a dancing in a meadow, as simple as sipping wine
Deep voice hidden behind a falsetto, Sing every pretty line

When stepping unto shaking ground, where everything seems to be falling down
Even you devilish hiding clown, will lose your cover and you'll be found!

Who are you? Who are you?
Stop these riddles, if you give no clue!
Who are you? Who are you?

Verse 2:
To glimpse at your soul, one would need prodigious powers
You've got all the control, have you got anything left to devour?
Steering everything against the odds, into the water so blackened
Behind every sweet tone lies wroth, it's hard not to get entangled



Burning fools, charitable wizards, all were fooled by your magic
The king who rules over the lizards, your only ally, it's all so dramatic

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