Irritated Machines

Dette er en samling af tekster jeg har arbejdet igennem min vinter/tidlig forårs session til noget musik tam-tam. Teksterne handler om om vidt forskellige ting, som religion eller de lidt mere dystre ting i hverdagen. Fear not though! Lyspunkter er der jo altid. ;)

Læn jer tilbage med en bastogne kiks, noget Richard Ragnvald i baggrunden og så ellers bare nyd ordenes dans. :)


3. Vortex of Hearts

Verse 1:
In the hour, A mile becomes two
The doubt pushes through
A crystal dream, Won't fade
Somehow I can't evade
It's bright, on the world it shun
Is a thousand people holding candles to the sun?

All too deceptive it seem
What could it all mean?
A hundred truths to pick
And time continues to tick

Verse 2:
Frozen heart, found fire
Continues to melt in the pyre
Nothing left, what's to recover?
Why did it hide behind this cover?
An answer, can it be found?
Is a thousand people watching from the clouds?


Concrete feet, writhe and creep
The distance so far away
Tyrant teeth, what do they mean?
Is the moon really the sun today?

In the vortex of hearts

Verse 3:
Melted plastic, Shape it at will
A heart that just is still
You liar, you lie like you run
Faster than the shot of a gun
Where's big sister? Controlling your mind
She'll dance on your grave if you don't fall in line




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