Irritated Machines

Dette er en samling af tekster jeg har arbejdet igennem min vinter/tidlig forårs session til noget musik tam-tam. Teksterne handler om om vidt forskellige ting, som religion eller de lidt mere dystre ting i hverdagen. Fear not though! Lyspunkter er der jo altid. ;)

Læn jer tilbage med en bastogne kiks, noget Richard Ragnvald i baggrunden og så ellers bare nyd ordenes dans. :)


1. Irritated Machines

Irritated Machines

Verse 1:
Hey madness, tell me you've come to visit
Knowing it could be time
For me to embrace, and ruin my spirit
By drinking up from your lie
Losing it, crazed like a hunted rhino
Too late to correct the maestro

Seven days fixing broken components
2 days to feast on the rodents
Here goes the technician of dreams
I was one from the start...
One in the rank of irritated machines

Verse 2:
Lazy? You've got problems in your code
If I'm asleep they strike!
I feel, that endless calculations are my home
And their words my light

12 months of choking oil
A milion years to spoil
Here comes the maker of schemes
He made me part by part
Just another irritated machine

Lonely faces, dirty and torn
Watching the early morn
The sky is just dust and rust
Fall in line, or we're all gonna go bust!

7 heavens to be denied of
a whole life of love lost
Here comes the scientist and intervenes
Human is not a part
In the coding of an irritated machine

Irritated machines




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