Irritated Machines

Dette er en samling af tekster jeg har arbejdet igennem min vinter/tidlig forårs session til noget musik tam-tam. Teksterne handler om om vidt forskellige ting, som religion eller de lidt mere dystre ting i hverdagen. Fear not though! Lyspunkter er der jo altid. ;)

Læn jer tilbage med en bastogne kiks, noget Richard Ragnvald i baggrunden og så ellers bare nyd ordenes dans. :)


10. Future Memory Lane

Verse 1:
It's bugging me!
I can't see through this thorny bush...
Lie down and bleed!
Make the bedsheet covers eternally blush...
Lost the hoe!
Now the weeds grow ever so out of control...
Fields of woe!
Even blight grows there when it's cold...

Oh I shouldn't act this way
I'll regret it all next day

I really just want to fade away - On a strange highway
Cause leading hearts all astray - Has turned into cliché
Going down future memory lane - Too early to go back again
What's future, what's the past - How long can sanity last?

Verse 2:
Hammer down!
This metal just won't bend...
Crack out!
Firehead I am all to the end...
Simply an affair!
Could it be love just ain't in the air..?
Rise and tear!
My patchwork soul like you don't even care...



Bring down the rain, it seems like I'm burning again
Now the wolves are tame, so let's exploit them for fame

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