Irritated Machines

Dette er en samling af tekster jeg har arbejdet igennem min vinter/tidlig forårs session til noget musik tam-tam. Teksterne handler om om vidt forskellige ting, som religion eller de lidt mere dystre ting i hverdagen. Fear not though! Lyspunkter er der jo altid. ;)

Læn jer tilbage med en bastogne kiks, noget Richard Ragnvald i baggrunden og så ellers bare nyd ordenes dans. :)


7. Abra Cadabra, Cleopatra

Abra Cadabra, Cleopatra

Verse 1:
Oh wicked lady, coming down the road
So much temptation, You don't even know
Casting a spell, swinging the wand
More I can't tell, I don't remember more

Taken aback, by the sudden magic
Deceitful cat, can be oh so romantic
So rich to fly, but too poor to land
She was sly, we can never come back

She took me away on a sunshine tide
I imagined forever we'll ride
But can I tell liquour from ichor?
I guess I'll know if I get weaker...

Oh Abra Cadabra, Cleopatra!
I know I can't have her, but I feel my heart stir!
Oh Abra Cadabra, Cleopatra!
Let me join you in your bathtub of milk...

Verse 2:
Fading night, highway of stars
Rode it like a knight, came from afar
Offered my sword, tried to kiss your hand
Then I got floored, didn't go as planned



I notice everyone's looking away, except for me
Like she was some outcast cliché, Something else I see
I see shattered dreams and broken hopes
Lying in tears and hanging from ropes
I'd give her kingdoms of gold, mountains of silver
A state of life without woe

But what are unfinished promises on canvas?
Nothing but truths from pretenders...


Verse 3:
Oh wicked lady, came down the road
She brought a man shady, a man to love
Explosive spells, shitty wands
Backfiring hell, memory of her me taunts!



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