Justin & Jamie

Jamie is just a kid that lost half of her family to a drunk driver. She's just 12 years old when she starts cutting. She thinks it's the only way to solve her problems but can someone change that or just make her life worse?


6. Text Message, From Who? - (Chapter 4)

Justin: what's your number?

Alexis: *gives 10 digit number*

Khalil: saved!

FREDO: thirsty much?

Khalil: shutup!

Jamie: *gives 10 digit number*

Justin: got it.

1 minute later my phone goes off from a text message. I was hoping it was from Justin, but instead it was from an Unknown person.

*Text Message*

Unknown: Just remember he doesn't want you. Garbage.

Jamie: who is this and what do you want?

I was a belieber so I got hate all the time but who would know that I was with Justin in the first place? How did they get my number?

Unknown: Justin's girlfriend and I want you to leave him alone.

Jamie: Whatever.

I texted back pretending that I wasn't scared but really I was having a heart attack inside.

As soon as I sent that Alexis came out the bathroom.wait. Could she have sent me that? She's that desperate for Justin? So many thoughts were running through my head. She said that she was Justin's girlfriend. If it wasn't Alexis. Was he gonna try and cheat on her?

Jamie: Justin, do you have a girlfriend? I asked not lifting my head up from my phone.

Justin: Nope. Why?

Jamie: uhm. Ju- Just asking.

Justin: okay? Justin said awkwardly.

Jamie: read these. I said getting up and showing the messages to Justin.

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