Justin & Jamie

Jamie is just a kid that lost half of her family to a drunk driver. She's just 12 years old when she starts cutting. She thinks it's the only way to solve her problems but can someone change that or just make her life worse?


4. Never Say Never - (Chapter 2)


Jamie's POV.

I wake up on a Saturday morning to my radio singing "BAAB(Beauty and A Beat)". It's been 5 years since I discovered Justin on youtube. Now this. He's huge everyone knows him, he's has fans, beliebers like me, and haters. He helped me through everything. Along the way I met a friend at school her name is Alexis, only her and Justin can make me feel like I actually deserve a place in this world. Besides me and Alexis are beliebers, we fangirl all the time together. I text Alexis to see if we could hang out today.

*Text Convo*

Jamie: Goodmorning Lexi. What are you doing today?

Alexis: Nothing really. Hey guess what?!

Jamie: Surprise me!

Alexis: Justin is in town for his concert!!!

Jamie: OMB! We have to go!

Alexis: duh. We can buy the tickets tonight online. They don't come out untill midnight.

Jamie: Okay sure. Can you meet me at McDonald's? I'm hungry. Then we can maybe go to the mall or something?

Alexis: fine with me. See ya girly!

Okay now getting dress. I went into my closet and chose a tank top, Jordan's, with jean shorts that was kinda torn. My dad went away on a business trip so it was just me and my brother. Well sorta cuz he's staying at a friend house for a few days while we're on school break. I grabbed my phone and went down stairs. I got in my Ferrari, well my dad owns a business, my mom was a nurse and after she died they paid us her retirement money which was 1 million dollars. I drove out of the garage and went to McDonald's, I met Alexis their. She had already ordered us a Big Mac & Oreo Mcflurry each. We eat like hogs but we workout so it was never a problem. We were waiting till they call our number to get the food and I decided to check my twitter.


I was so loud everyone was just staring at me like I was crazy.

Alexis: What?!

Jamie: Justin followed me on twitter!

Alexis: What not fair! Let me see!

Jamie: See for Yourself! I said handing her my phone.

Alexis: Lucky! He never followed me.

Unknown: Never say never. A voice called out from behind me.

•If you have any ideas let me know. Stay Swaggy ~Kennedy 💜😘•

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