Justin & Jamie

Jamie is just a kid that lost half of her family to a drunk driver. She's just 12 years old when she starts cutting. She thinks it's the only way to solve her problems but can someone change that or just make her life worse?


5. Meeting the Crew (Chapter 3)

Alexis: oh hi. I said giving a big smile.

Alexis: You must be a boybeli-

I covered my mouth because I couldn't believe my eyes. The Justin Bieber was right in front of me,he was talking to me. I was just their shocked staring at his beautiful eyes.

Alexis: Hellooo! Earth to Jamie!

Jamie: oh! Uhm H- H- Hi I'm Jamie. And your Ju- Justin.

Justin: Yeah I'm Justin, Justin Bieber.

Alexis: Wait! your Justin! OMFB I love you!

Jamie: correction WE love you.

Justin: haha thanks for your support. You know your a very beautiful girl.

Jamie: Th- Thank You, and your handsome. I said bushing.

Justin: hey, after this I'm going to see a movie. You girls would like to come?

Alexis: YES!

Jamie: yeah sure.

Employee: Number 6! Your order is ready! The lady yelled.

Alexis: got it. Alexis said getting up from the table.

Justin's POV:

I couldn't help but stare at Jamie she was so beautiful. And her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes. I couldn't help it.

Justin: so, you and Alexis have tickets for my show?

Jamie: Well, I have to call and ask my dad if I could go. Then, I'll have to get them online tonight.

Justin:Well, now you don't have to. I said pulling 2 tickets out of my back pocket.

Jamie: thank you so much!

Justin: No problem. Then I got a text message from Fredo saying that the movie starts in 20 minutes I needed to hurry.

Justin: hey the movie starts in 20 minutes so uhm you and your friend can eat on my bus.

Jamie: cool, but what about our car?

Justin: I can drop you guys back here to get it after the movie.

Jamie: okay. Justin then Alexis comes back with the food.

Jamie: we have to eat on Justin's tour bus. The movie starts in 20.

Alexis: what movie are we going see.

Justin: Uhm. Believe just came out today and I'm pretty sure you didn't see it soo we can watch that.

Alexis & Jamie: Okay!

Jamie's POV:

We got up and left to go to Justin's tour bus. When we entered he bus the crew was just sitting around.

Justin: Guys I like you to me Jamie and her friend Alexis. He said pointing to us.

Me & Alexis: Hi. And we gave a smile.

Fredo: New Girlfriend?

Justin: no, but soon I hope.

Jamie: I blushed a little then looked the other direction

Alexis: aw she's blushing!

I lightly smacked her in the stomach.

Justin: Well, this is Scooter, Lil Z-

Jamie & Alexis: Were beliebers Justin we know, that's Scooter, that's Lil Za, that's fredo and he loves Oreos, and that's Khalil.

Justin: wow... You really do know your facts.

Jamie: yep. I said popping the p and sitting on the round table then start eating my food. Alexis sits right next to me and starts eating as well.

Alexis: uhm, Justin do you mind following me on twitter?

Justin: already on it!

Alexis: hah told you Jam!

Jamie: I never said he wouldn't Lexi. And I really need to get a new name for you.

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