Heart Cancer


9. Chapter 9

"Why are you shutting me out?" He said. That made me dead in my tracks.

"It's just easier and please...please just go away! I don't need to be loved and I..I cant be loved okay?!" I shouted at him, trying not to slip out my biggest secret.

"Why?!" He shouted growing anger inside.

"Because I have heart cancer! I'm going to die! And I.. I just don't want to hurt you.."

Oh great. My biggest secret is out. To the most biggest chatter-box in school. I just ran and ran. Not knowing where I'm going, just far away so nobody would find me.

I took myself to an old abandoned house, through the cemetery. I was alone, and scared. But no one cared. It was getting dark out and the crows started circling. I heard a crack in the house.

"Who's there?" I said. It was hard to see in the house.

Another creek sounded closer.

"Okay I'm warning you!" I said a little louder.

Something came up behind me and put it's hand over my mouth, soon, everything went black.

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