Heart Cancer


8. Chapter 8

I just rolled my eyes and walked away. 'Yay, Harry Styles kissed my cheek!' Yeah, maybe I like him but he is still...him. Time flew by and I was dragged into Harrys car before I knew it.

"Let's get somethin to eat...like pizza." Harry said.

I mean he is sweet, charming, and has these eyes you just wanna look into forever and his arms you just want to wrap them around yourself and what am I saying. This is Harry Styles. The Harry Styles. I cant fall in love with him..but..I really want to.

He took me to get pizza and we sat down. I didn't order anything. Okay... I'm anorexic... No big deal I need to lose weight...

"Why didn't you order anything?" Harry said.

"I....I cant tell you"

"Why not it's not like I'm gonna blab it to the whole school"

"Just take me home"

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