Heart Cancer


4. Chapter 4

I was silent the whole way to school. He'd ask me questions and I'd just ignore them. After he pulled up to the school, I ran out of his car and tried looking for my friends, aka, 'the losers'. The little group includes me, Drake, Scarlett, and well, that's it.

"Hey where were you? If you needed a ride I could have took you" Scarlett said.

"Harry Styles took me" I said holding a 'thumbs up' sign sarcastically.

Drake looked at the ground. Drake has always been jealous of people like Harry. Drake is so insecure because Scarlett and me are the only girls -only people for that matter - that even talk to him. We are all pretty much alone, but we're alone together.

"Oooooooo" Scarlett said as if she thought I liked Harry.

"No. Stop. No. Never." I said.

"Hey Ari...um...if you're not doing anything...well of course you'll be doing something...Friday I'm having movie night..if you wanna come...which is completely fine it's just that-" Drake said.

"Sure I'll go" I said interrupting Drake because when he gets nervous he goes on and on and on and on.

He smiled at the floor and played with his hands.


"Time for class. Bye guys!" I said walking away.

"Hey Freshman" Harry said.

"Please just leave me alone" I said not making any contact with him.

I could feel his eyes on me.

"Stop staring its creeping me out" I said shutting my locker.

"Sorry sorry it's just that...that dress looks really good on you.." Harry said looking at the floor. OH. MY. GOD. Did Harry Styles just compliment me?

"Mmhhmm" I said sarcastically rolling my eyes.

"You really do" He insisted.

"Bye" I said staring at the floor heading to class.

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