Heart Cancer


2. Chapter 2

I opened my locker and grabbed my books. Lucky me, Harrys locker is right next to mine. I started to walk away and Harry bumped my shoulder making my books fall out of my hand, and all my folders spilled my papers all upon the ground.

"Hey watch it" Harry said.

"Asshole" I said under my breath.

"Just stay out of my way, freshman" a Harry said.

Harry is a senior and I'm a freshman, but the lockers are alphabetized by last names, not grades.

"Why are you so obnoxious?" I said, picking up my things.

"You know you want me" he said leaning his hand against my locker.

"In your dreams pretty boy" I said, walking away.

He's a player. All he does is get with

•• after school ••

"Wait!!" I said, trying to catch my bus running out of homeroom.

Ugh, I missed it. I started to walk down the sidewalk, when a car stopped before me.

"Need a ride freshman?" Harry said, of course.

"You know I have a name." I said.

"Alright fine, ARIANA, do you need a ride?" Harry said.

" I'd rather fall off a cliff" I said.

"Come on don't be stupid! Your place is like 5 miles from here" Harry said...man, I hate it when he's right.

"No no, and no" I said.

Harry stopped his car and got out facing me. He wrapped his arms around me and picked me up by my waist, carrying me to his car.

"Ugh stopppp!" I whined.

His grip tightened and laid me in the passenger seat.

"Man you're light freshman" Harry said.

"Oh shut up and just take me home" I said.

Harry started his car again.

"And it's Ariana" I added.

The car ride was silent the whole way back.

"Thanks" I said as he stopped his car at my house.

He rushed out of his seat and opened my door.

I smiled at him sarcastically.

"Don't speak of this. Ever" I said before dashing in the house.

"Why don't we just put the past behind us and be friends" he says smiling and tilting his head a little.

"Stop it"

"Stop what"

"Look, your little charm may work on everyone else, but not me, so get over it" I said and walked inside.

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