Heart Cancer


13. Chapter 13

He managed to crack a smile, even though I could tell it was fake.

"I'm just happy you're here..." He said hugging me tight, "I could've lost you.." He sobbed.

"Harry..Harry please don't cry because then I will cry and I don't want to cry." I said over his shoulder.

The hug was long and uncomfortable because he had to hug me standing up over my bed, and it was tight in my heart.

"I have your water Ms. Grande" the doctor approached, making Harry sit down on the closet chair to her bed.

"Thank you, I feel like I'm on fire right now." I said then gulped the water down.

"Now, rate your pain on a scale 1-10."

"Um...probably a 4" I said.

"That's great Ari! You should be out soon, someone just needs to check you out. Do you have parents, siblings, that could come?"

"My parents won't come...and Frankie, my brother....he's...passed." I sulked.

"I-I'm so sorry.." The doctor replied feeling guilty.

"How old does someone need to be to check her out?" Harry asked.

"Atleast 18 sir." The doctor said politely.

"I'm 19 I'll sign her out." He smiled.

"Okay...just sign here....and here" the doctor said handing Harry the paperwork.

"Now, before you go Ariana, if you feel any pain, go to the hospital. Don't even bother calling. You need to take these twice a day, once at morning, once at night. That is all Ariana, call me in a week if you don't come here before. You may go." He smiled at me.

"Will do, thanks doc" I smiled.

Harry escorted me out because I was still a little dizzy from the painkillers. I'm lucky to have someone like Harry.

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