Heart Cancer


11. Chapter 11

I woke up with a crick in my neck.

I got bored quickly. I decided to sing.

"I wonder how you kiss first thing in the morning.

Before you go, go to work, how you smile at me.

Do you laugh at my jokes, even the ones, that you've heard before?

There'd be times when everything's not perfect.

When we fight do you say things like I hate you, or it's all your fault? Or do you say nothing at all?

I don't know who you are. Don't even know your name. I wish we could talk but I don't have a number to call.

So hold your hands up if ya hear me, I am closer but all that I found, is everywhere that I go I'm standing alone in the crowd.

And I need you now....."

I sang softly.

I heard racket outside the door. Like a crash.

"Ariana! Ariana are you here?!" A voice said.

"In here!" I shouted. I got up and banged on the door.

The door opened and I lost balance.

It was Harry!

"Ariana what happened?!" He asked kneeling down to me.

I put my hand on my heart.

"Heart hurts" I gasped. I could barely breathe.

"No. No no no nononononono come on Ari I cant lose you." He said as he picked me up.

"If this is goodbye, I love you." I whispered before a passed out.

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