Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


9. Chapter 9 <3

Me and justin finally sorted our argument out over him and that chick kissing, 3 hours later. We went to bed on a civil note. Of course i was still pissed and upset about it all. It really got to me, as you could tell. Two days after the incident we saw the crazy bieber chick in the hotel lobby. Of course i gave her a mouthful and she hesitated to say anything to me about it. It was a surprise and a shock to her. She probably thought justin would stand up for his fans but she was totally wrong. Justin agreed with everything i said to her. It was completely disrespectful and out of order. She didn't take long to scurry of in a hurry to escape my true but bitter-full words. She got what she asked for, thats the consequences for kissing my boyfriend.


We had been at the Bahamas for five days now. We spent as much quality time as possible after the incident with justin and the chick. I was that busy wrapped up in justin's arms and calling on his demands that i forgot about the whole incident days ago, but it still flurried my mind once or twice when i was over thinking things. 


Today was our last day in the Bahamas before we leave early in the morning to catch a flight back to Georgia. Obviously i was upset that the time had flew by real quick and it didn't feel like i spent enough time with justin but it was all worth it, no matter how many bumps or hurdles there are in the way. 


Today me and justin are going to spend the day at the beach sun bathing and catching up on our future ideas. This is what we always used to do. We would always talk about what we would look like, what we would be doing and what may happen at this point in life, 2 years ahead of us. It was always fascinating with what new things justin wanted to do. He really did think about still being with me for years on end and it was cute. Adorably cute in fact. I slipped this on. A rather revealing dress.

I checked my reflection in the mirror as i composed a smirk. I looked incredibly hot, i had to admit that. I want to tease justin, to see what his reaction would be like towards a hot looking girlfriend. I wanted to drive his hormones insane. I wanted to hear his raspy moans desperately. Feel his skin against mine. 


I walked out into our bedroom seeing jay was already waiting for me, lying on the bed pressing buttons on his phone. I coughed to grab his attention. Indeed it worked. His eyes bulged out of his sockets. He was speechless. My cheeks flushed red when i realised all he was doing was staring at my figure. Probably trying to find a flaw on me to discriminate my confidence.


"Char if you think your going out looking like that you have another thing coming" He choked out, making my smile turn into a frown. 
"Why? Do i look ugly in it?..... Okay ill go change" I sulked, having my heart crushed slightly. Just as i was about to turn to enter the bathroom to change my outfit, his hands grasped my arm. 


"Baby doll. I don't mean it in a horrible way. You look super hot and a turn on, i just dont want the guys staring and looking at you" He whimpered. My frown turned into a smirk as i wrapped my arms around his neck as his slithered around my waist. "Baby, i thought you was going to say i looked ridiculous" I said with a sigh of relief. He laughed. "You look far from ridiculous. If i could i would bend you right over, here and now if i wanted" He smirked battering his eyelashes at me. I giggled into his chest as my cheeks turn red again. 


"Do it then" I whispered seductively, giving him a wink. His face immediately turned into a smirk. I bit my lip giggling at his sudden motivation. 
I rubbed my body slightly on to his as i could already feel a bulge in his pants rising. His grip on my hips tighten as we broke into a make out session. He pulled me by my lips towards the bed without breaking the kiss. 


I giggled at his smirk plastered on his face as i pushed him directly onto the bed, breaking the kiss. I bit my lip as i fluttered my eye lashes at him. He rested on his elbows not taking his eyes of me as i seductively crawled up his body having my revealing dress show most of my chest. He licked his lips as i travelled butterfly kisses from his stomach, up his chest and up his neck. I heard him escape a moan letting my lips form into a smirk. 


"Moan for me baby" I giggled into his ear as his one hand explored my chest and the other was travelling further up my thigh, getting closer to my private area. His touch was sending little shocks through my body as i threw his top across the room making it land on the floor. Our kissing started to become more rough and intimate as he tossed me over with him now on top of me. I traced my fingers gently over his abs making him moan even more.


"Ill bend you over my knee in a minute if you don't moan my name" His husky voice bellowed down at me as his breathing was uneven. I giggled, biting my finger having a thinking expression. You could definitely tell i was flirting my ass of at him. I shuck my head, only having his smirk grow bigger then it was. "So your not complying. Ill have to give you the consequence you naughty girl" His seductive voice echoed my ears, making my eyes widen in lust. He bit my lip slowly, planting kissed down my neck and on to my chest. I bit my lip again to stop my moans escaping. 


We soon changed our position having my dress torn of me and i was in the position of a dog on four paws as he thrusted me with so much lust and passion. He soon got what he demanded having his name being yelled from my mouth as his pace started to speed up inside of me. The position was different, but definitely a keeper. It gave us both so much pleasure as he grasped on to my hips tighter, banging my bum cheeks against his hood. 


The pace soon came to a stop as we gasped for air. We were both out of breathe as collapsed anywhere on the bed. "WOW" Jay breathed first breaking the quite silence. I turn my head, facing him as i smiled at him. His hand cerised my cheek as he peeked my lips softly. "That was amazing" I whispered, turning on the cold shower. I was going to hop in to clean myself up before going to the beach. "You could say that again. In fact we can do that again. That was one beast of a position we got going on" He chirped smacking my bum. 


I turned giggling at him as we both went in the shower together quickly. I put this swimming costume on and this outfit over the top.



"Make sure that skirt is at-" Jay began to speak before i cut him off. "Yes i know. Make sure the skirt is at knee length otherwise hormonal guys will stare at me. I get it jay. I always remember" I mocked him.  He made this rule that when ever i wore revealing clothing it had to be at a certain length because he didn't want me exposing my body to all his fans and to the world. Which i understand but jay is still way too overprotective about me, but its adorable. 

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