Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


8. Chapter 8 <3

Justin Bieber

I had been waiting for over half hour for Charley to come out and meet me. Her late arrival was worrying me. I was scared something had happened to her. I stayed in the pool for another 10 minutes with this crazy bieber fan chick beside me. 

I was going to leave till her lips crashed on to mine. I was in pure shock. She new i had a girlfriend. It was all over twitter, the internet and i had told her Charley was having a massage right now. Once i realised her lips were still stuck on to mine, i shoved the chick off me. My eyes were wide and disappointed. 


Even thou i never meet this chick before she really did know how to get on peoples nerves. I watched as all she looked at me with was a sly grin. I scoffed at her in annoyance and got out looking for Charley. I quickly walked over to the guy who had done Charley's massage. 
"Hey dude? Do you know were my girl is?" I asked him bluntly in case he had done or said something to upset her. "Man, she left like half an hour ago" He told me, pointing out the entrance door back onto the coast street. 


I sighed. Shit! What if she saw me and the crazy bieber chick kiss?! Oh My God! I need to find Charley now and make sure every things okay.


I walked into the hotel room and i could hear the telly on. Of course i was nervous and worried. I looked round the corner into our bedroom seeing she was snuggled up in bed with ice cream, watching Mr bean. Her face looked pale and as if she was crying. Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! I thought as it kept repeating in my head. I bet she saw everything by the pool and thats why she came back.


She never eats ice cream in bed with Mr bean on unless she was depressed, upset or worried. I knew something wasn't right and i knew it probably was because she saw that chick kiss me. Oh justin! What have you done this time, i said to myself. 


I walked over to her, she was laughing at something Mr bean did. "Char? Baby? What are you doing here?" I asked her with a worried and upset facial expression. Her giggling instantly stopped, making my heart beat fast. She just gave me a twinkle of pure hurt and sadness then turned back to the TV.


Charley Moore

I ignored his presents seeing as i was already hurt from what i saw. He sat on the bed beside me. I shuffled over so there was a slight distance between us. I heard him sigh beside me. He obviously knew i saw what him and that chick did. He knew it broke me.
"I guess you saw" He whispered shakily. "I saw enough to get the hell out of there before it hurt me even more" I spat quietly but hatefully. 

I could see his hands ball into fists beside me. He knew i was completely pissed with him. "I swear to god char it wasn't how it looked" His voice rising slightly this time. I scoffed before climbing out of bed. "I saw enough to know everything you said last night was bullshit" I spat harshly as i walked over to the bathroom to run a shower and to escape justin. "Charley i swear! Everything i said last night i meant! I meant every word of it and that chick came on to me! She knew i was waiting for you! She was a crazy bieber fan and once i was going to get out and look for you, she kissed me" He quickly said, his voice low this time when he spoke. 

I sighed. Justin has never cheated on me before and id never hoped he would either. I just didn't know what to believe. I looked up at him with hurtful eyes. "Just leave me alone justin. I need space" I muttered, looking down at my feet. His hand loosened on my arm letting me free before closing the bathroom door in his face. I was completely confused. I didn't know what to do or how to deal with this. I was stuck.



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