Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


7. Chapter 7 <3

Charley Moore

The next morning was a blur. When i woke up this morning justin wasn't beside me. Of course i was confused because he wasn't in our room but then the mirror in the bathroom caught my eyes. In my eye liner pencil he had write a message covering the mirror. His scruffy hand writing was cute. The message said i had to go down to the main food hall and meet him there. 


I didn't actually know how long he had probably been waiting for me for because it was lunch time by the time i was awake. I changed into this  

Something cute and refreshing.


Our whole breakfast/lunch meal was indeed cute. He had picked up everything that was on the menu and bough them to the table. There were choices from cereal to break bars, hot cross buns to pancakes. Everything looked so delicious and tasty which drove my taste buds insane. Of course i had a mouthful of everything. I wanted to try new things. 


"Today i thought we could go to the spar ? You can have a massage whiles i wait in the pool for you" His husky voice mellowed me. I smiled. 
"This is really sweet of you jay, but i feel bad for you spending all this money" I whimpered. "Char! Stop worrying about the money. I'm a billion air remember, i can afford to treat my girl" He beamed, resting his back against his chair. I bit my lip. Maybe i was over thinking things. I mean, he was right. He could afford this kind of stuff and i couldn't. It was indeed nice to be put first and treated once in a while when you put others first for most of your life. I sighed. "Thank you" I whispered before grasping his hand. He smiled over to me, helping me up and walking to a well known spar down the coast.

Justin gave me one last kiss before eyeing up the man who was going to be massaging my body. Justin has always been over protective when it comes to guys. He always thinks that people are going to hit on me because im incredibly beautiful. Yeah right JB, what ever you say, i always tell him.


After about an hour from my whole body being soothed and ache free. I gathered my things from the side, slipping them on and walking towards the pool. I opened the doors finding my eyes being crumpled. I suddenly felt a hot tear trickle down my skin. Right in front of me, justin was kissing a girl. It broke me in half. Especially after the fact we both told each other last night we loved each other. Its not every day id find someone incredibly nice and respectful id say that too.


With one swift movement, i turned around, raced through the door and headed straight for our room. The more and more i thought about it, the more tears started to escape and my chest started to hurt. Of course i was ashamed and completely pissed of that, that i had to experience this. I just hoped it was only a dream but i couldnt fool myself. What i just witnessed was reality. 


I squirmed up into a ball under the covers as i sat eating chocolate fudge ice cream and switched Mr bean on. I was drowning my hurt heart ache into ice cream. My tears had finally stopped but i still kept over thinking things.


I silently giggled as i watched Mr bean trip over on telly but my laughter instantly stopped when i heard "Char? Baby? What are you doing here?" Turning to meet justin's confused, worried and upset face.


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