Helpless Love - Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber Love Story That Will Contain Miner Scenes Of Drama, Mystery, Sadness & Happiness. Please Read.
WARNING : Some Chapters Are R RATED Guys!


6. Chapter 6 <3

Justin Bieber

I watched Charley out the corner of my eye as she nibbled on her food. We had ordered from the hotel menu, buying everything on the menu to try out. Charley has never really been a big or fussy eater. Me the other hand, i could eat for England and not give a care what it was i was eating. 
"Char your such a wimp at eating. Its like your still a baby" I laughed making her catch my attention. She blushed red coming closer into my body. 


"I do not. I just don't feel like eating. I'm jet lagged" She whined snuggling deeper into my chest. A laugh escaped making me wrap my arms around her petite body. Her hair was flowing everywhere. The length was incredibly long making it look beautiful no matter how she had it. I sighed happily, kissing her forehead.

"Jay....Iv been think" She started to speak, breaking the laughing fit we was having from Mr bean on telly, something we always used to watch at night times together and funny enough it was on in the hotel room too. "Yeah..." I answered, trying to encourage what she was trying to tell me. 
"Are you ready to have a child?" She asked, stuttering her words slightly as she trembled with nervousness in my arms. 


I was caught of guard. Of course i wanted children. I just never really thought about when, i wanted them. Iv had a couple of thoughts about me and Charley having children before but nothing serious to ask her about.


"I guess i'm ready. Its just willing to stick for a commitment for 18 years till that child is fully developed and leaves us to discover the world them selves" I answered her truthfully. It took her a couple of minutes, i could see, to process what i had told her before her head turned to look into my eyes and showed me a  shimmering pearly smile that always makes me weak. I flushed slightly, but not enough for her to notice and joke about. 


"Are you ready?" I asked her before it was silent between us. She turned to face me, inhaling and exhaling before she spoke. "I feel ready for it to happen. I'm just......" She stopped before sighing and squinting her eyes. "Your just what baby doll?' I asked her a little confused. I rubbed her forearm to try and sooth her nerves. "I'm just scared your going to leave me on my own" She whimpered, whispering it to me before sighing deeply.


"Charley, don't you dare think im going to leave you. You know i never will and i don't intend to any time soon" I warned her, grasping her into a tight, loving hug as she nuzzled into my neck with her head. "I Love You" She whispered, catching me by surprise. A huge grin spread across my face and i squeezed her tighter into a deathly hug before kissing her forehead. It was the first time she had ever said that, meaning she truly did love me with all her heart. What could i say? I Truly do believe i love her too. She means the world to me. "I Love You Two" I choked out as i could feel myself well up with tears.

( )


"Baby jay, why are you crying?" She asked me worried. I loved it when she called me 'babe, baby, baby jay' It melted my insides. I looked down at her laughing. "I'm happy baby. We both finally saying we love each other because we truly mean it" I chocked again. I know i may seem like i girl, crying and everything else, but i don't take things like this and love, very easily. It has to be the right girl to create my love to go wild before i even say 'I Love You'. We sat there brassing each others bodies together as the night sky started to fall.



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